A brief history of international and British ice hockey

Ice hockey is hugely popular around the world, especially in Great Britain.

Admittedly, British ice hockey has a bit of a different flair than in other countries, but that’s what makes it so awesome.

Though the sport of ice hockey in particular got its start in Canada during the early 1800s, it was based on European field hockey.

Fast forward several decades from that point, and you have the sport and leagues that so many know and love today.

Great Beginnings

British ice hockey developed in the mid-1800s and the UK’s iteration of the game is what most now think about when it comes to the sport.

Back then, ice hockey was played with a stick and ball and was a way for Englishmen to pass time. After all, the internet and Europalace casino weren’t around yet, so they needed to find something fun to do.

Eventually, the popularity of ice hockey spread to the point that amateurs started organizing teams and playing in friendly tournaments.

Of course, as the number of spectators grew, so did the opportunity for formal leagues to come along and turn ice hockey into a professional sport.

Becoming a Popular Favorite

1903 was the year that Europe’s first hockey league was launched in the UK. Five years later, the first pro ice hockey game was played in Scotland and the International Ice Hockey Federation was started to bring cohesion to teams and leagues around the world.

Britain, of course, was a founding member and other organizations to provide oversight followed in time.

While hockey federations have been able to regulate players, teams, and staff, they’ve had no hand in how fans enjoy the game.

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Along with betting on teams came the rise of the ice hockey player as a major celebrity. This isn’t a big thing these days, as there are a slew of famous star payers, but back in the sport’s earlier days celebrity athletes were less common.

They weren’t raking in millions each year then as they do now, and individual players didn’t receive nearly as much media attention.

Britain’s Glory Days

If you want to see great action you can always catch vintage footage of British hockey games from the 20th century.

The national ice hockey team is impressive today, but the early and mid-1900s is when Britain asserted its dominance in the sport.

Around the world the country became known for its amazing team, and they took home a medal at the 1924 Winter Olympics.

Britain’s national team hasn’t seen the same success that it had back in the day, but the sport is so well loved in the country and abroad that fans still clamor for a seat when ice hockey season starts.

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