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Beginners Guide to Understanding Ice Hockey Betting Markets

The physically intense game of hockey presents numerous betting options for punters to potentially profit from. 

Stickskate, British Ice Hockey

The physically intense game of hockey presents numerous betting options for punters to potentially profit from. 

But just like you must know how to skate before getting on the ice, you must know your way around the hockey betting market to have a nice time and, more importantly, win. In this article, we teach you how.

Put on your skates.

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Here are some strategies to navigate your way around the hockey betting market: 

Analyse the Teams

All ice hockey gaming outcomes depend on the team’s performance. So, if you’re in the hockey betting market for profit, you should analyse the teams. 

Check out which stars are injured, when main or substitute goalies are playing, and the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. All these help you make informed decisions to increase your chances of success. 

Analyse the Odds on Multiple Platforms

Your payout for the same wager can vary across betting sites. Compare the odds to ensure you get the best offer. 

In addition, you can also exploit the betting bonuses and promotional offers on various sites to get the most out of your money. Some of the offers you’ll commonly find include a free bet for joining a platforms, or enhanced odds on major games, which will increase your payout should your bet come in. 

Consult With Tipsters

After making your initial predictions, compare them with other experts’ thoughts to ensure accurate predictions. Most hockey fans often share insights online, with even more hockey fans quick to react online during a game. These experts and tipsters can help you discover unique betting markets and give you technical insights to inform your decision. 

Examine Trends and History

Recent and season results indicate team spirit and predict future performances. Combining this with expert opinions, odds, and team analysis can help you make better predictions. 

Keep an Eye on the Referee

Referees have huge influences on ice hockey match outcomes. Some referees take the fact that ice hockey is an intense contact sport seriously, hence allowing more violations, while others don’t. 

These decisions affect match props and overall outcome. So, knowing about the referee can help you make the right decisions. 

Manage Your Bankroll

Regardless of how carefully you decide, you’ll inevitably lose and win some. 

Ensure you implement efficient bankroll management strategies to help you enjoy the hockey betting market responsibly. 

What Can You Bet on in ice Hockey? 

A lot! Some of the bets available in the ice hockey betting market include moneyline, puck line, over/under bets, etc. 

Bookmakers give punters a wide selection of exciting bets. Depending on the platforms, these various bets can be placed in-game (after the game commences) or before. They could also be placed for specific gaming durations like regulation time (a 60-minute line) or full-game betting. 

Here are some ice hockey betting options for you. 

1. Moneyline

The moneyline simply means betting on the team you predict will win the game. 

Based on the winning probability, which is determined by various factors, each team is assigned a moneyline that determines a bettor’s winnings. The team with the higher winning chance has a negative moneyline, while the one with the lower winning chance has a positive moneyline. 

Consider a game between the Stars and the Fliers. Assuming the Stars are favorites, they’ll have a money line like -170, showing bettors can place a £170 bet to win £100. On the other hand, the Fliers, who’re the underdogs, might have a money line like +200, indicating that a bettor could place a £100 bet to win £200.  

In the UK, you’re more likely to simply find the odds of each team expressed as a fraction, like 2/1 for the favourites and 8/1 for the underdogs.

2. Spread or Puck line Betting

Puck line bets mean betting on how many goals a certain team will win or lose the game by. 

Based on the scoring chances, each team is assigned a puck line that specifies the number of goals in question, and, ultimately, the bettor’s winnings. 1.5, which signifies two or more goals, is the most common puck line bet. 

So, a puck line favorite is assigned a puck line of -1.5, indicating that a bettor predicts they would win the game by two or more goals. On the other hand, the puck line underdog is assigned a puck line of +1.5. To win this puck line bet, they must either outright win the game or lose by less than two goals. 

3. Over/Under or Total 

Over/under bets mean betting on the total goals scored by both teams instead of individual teams in puck line bets. The lines are displayed such that bettors have to choose whether more or less the specified number of goals will be scored at the end of the game. This value normally ranges from 5 to 6.5. So, a bettor will need to wager on whether both teams combined will score more or less than 5 or 6.5 goals at the end of the game. 

4. Prop 

Ice hockey prop bets include placing bets on specific game events, different from the final score. They could either be based on player performances or game outcomes. These include player goals, shots, first teams to score, assists, saves, etc. 


A prop bet on the number of goals Cameron Critchlow might make in a game could be set at 1.5, with +150 for over and -120 for under. So, with Cameron recording two goals and an assist against Belfast, a bettor who placed a £100 bet for over would have won £150. 

5. Derivatives

Derivatives allow punters to place the same kind of bets described above — money lines, props, over/under, puck line, etc. — on specific match segments like the first or first two periods. 

They give punters a wide selection of bets but aren’t available on many betting sites. 

6. Grand Salami

Placing a grand salami bet means wagering on your predictions on the total number of goals that’ll be scored across a day or evening’s match. 

For instance, the line for a grand salami bet on ten matches to be played in a day might be set at 30. A bettor needs to place an over or under bet, indicating if they predict that the total number of goals across all ten matches will be greater than or less than 30. 

7. League or Tournament Outright/ Futures Bet

As the name implies, these betting types allow you to bet on the long-term outcome of an ice hockey tournament or league. It could include betting on sporting event outcomes like the team who’ll top the NHL standings at the end of the season, as the Boston Bruins did in the 2022/23 season overall and in the Eastern Conference. The betting outcomes are determined like the ones explained earlier. 

8. Parlays or Accumulators

Placing hockey parlay bets includes making multiple bet selections and wagering the same sum. The bettor only gets a winning outcome when all predictions in the parlay are true. 


Hockey betting terminologies might sound weird for beginners unfamiliar with the game. However, a closer look tells you it’s more-or-less the same thing: wagering on winners, losers, goals, props, etc. In addition, you could place these bets before or during the game, spanning the 60-minute regulation game period or the entire game. 

Regardless of your choice, analyse the teams and odds before betting. When in doubt, confirm with expert tipsters, look at recent trends, and keep an eye on the referee. 

In the end, ice hockey is just another game. So, ensure that you manage your bankroll effectively as you gamble responsibly.

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