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Clubs across the various British Ice Hockey leagues rely on numerous revenue streams to keep their teams on the ice.

From ticket sales to merchandising, clubs work hard to ensure they generate enough income to stay afloat whilst also putting a competitive team on the ice.

Sponsorship is a key component of any club’s financial strategy, but there appears to be a glaring omission from the list of industries currently involved in the sport.

A quick tour of Elite League club websites has revealed that the gaming industry is seriously under-represented in the sport.

While Coventry Blaze and Edinburgh Capitals have links with casinos, there is a noticeable lack of any other types of sponsorship or affiliate deals with any of the well-known gaming companies.

Compare that to Premier League football where all 20 clubs have either shirt sponsorships, pitchside deals or affiliate arrangements in place with the gaming industry.

The Pokerstars Elite Ice Hockey League certainly has a ring to it (one their players, Daniel Negreanu, is a big ice hockey fan), and there are clearly benefits to be had from sports clubs forging links with the industry.

With the Elite League improving year-on-year and the Great Britain team enjoying increased media exposure, it could be the perfect time for clubs and leagues to explore the possibilities of developing new partnerships with gaming companies for what could be mutually beneficial relationships.

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