Carlson can’t wait to play for Clan

Braehead Clan’s latest signing Cody Carlson was blown away by the welcome he got from the club’s fans – now he can’t wait to play.

The former Cincinnati Cyclones defenseman says the reaction to his move to the Elite League was overwhelming.

“I can’t wait to get over and meet them and everyone in the organisation,” he said.

“It seems like everyone’s excited for the season to start. I know I am and I can’t wait to get to Glasgow and begin.

“Fans are everything – that’s why we play and the interaction is important and I’m glad everyone is excited to come and see me play.

“The UK league is where I wanted to be and I’ve known Ryan Finnerty for a while now.

“We know each other from back home and we both think it’s a great fit for me and now we’re looking forward to the season.

“‘Finner’ told me how great the organisation is and everybody involved. There are great captains and leaders in the team as well and that was part of the swing for me.

“I love playing in Europe, having played in France and Germany, but speaking English is a big thing for me.

“Getting to travel is another big attraction for me and meeting new people will be great for me.

“Braehead was a great fit for me and it’s always been a goal of mine to come and play in the UK.

“Just trying to see the world is an attraction for North American players when they come to Europe. The whole idea of travelling and expanding my game are just two of the things I like to do.

“Now it’s all about getting ready and having my game where it needs to be by the time I come to Glasgow, so I’ll be training hard in the coming weeks.”

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