DOPS: Davies apologises following ban

Sheffield Steelers forward Michael Davies is banned for two games (PHOTO: Dean Woolley)

Sheffield Steelers forward Michael Davies has apologised after being given a two-game ban by the Elite League’s Department of Player Safety.

The 32-year-old was reviewed for throwing a goal peg into the crowd following Steelers’ 5-1 loss to Nottingham Panthers on Sunday.

And after the punishment was handed down – which will see him miss this weekend’s double header with Coventry Blaze.

He said in his statement: “I made a very poor decision in the heat of the moment and truly regret taking the peg from the ice surface and then tossing it to a fan.

“I had no ill-will or malicious intent in my actions, I made a misguided decision and I am very thankful to hear that no one was hit or injured.

“I pride myself on being a high character player and will learn from my actions to continue to grow as a player and a person.”

The DOPS statement posted to accompany the ban accused Davies of a ‘lack of respect for an opposing team’, but concedes the peg ‘was not thrown with force or with an intent to injure’.

Bulmer will return to face former team Fife Flyers on 15th September (PHOTO: Panthers Images)

Also missing out on the action this week is Nottingham Panthers forward Brett Bulmer, who was served for kneeing in the same game.

The former Fife Flyers player was reviewed for an incident involving Steelers counterpart Nikolai Lemtyugov and has picked up an extra game ban for being regarded as a ‘repeat offence’.

The statement said: “Bulmer made a multitude of mistakes which led to an illegal means of contact:

He took the defending zone side of attacking player, went to gliding wide leg stance immediately before contact, approached at a 90* angle (straight on skating lane).

“He resorted to a last second reaction type move through the extension of his left knee.

“Bulmer must work to approach at an angle, taking the proper skating lane away from the opposing player and make contact through the use of his shoulder or hip only.”

The Panthers man will sit out this Saturday game at Guildford Flames then the following Saturday’s match at Dundee Stars and will return on Sunday 15th September, where he’ll play against his old team Fife.

Dundee Stars forward Egil Kalns will miss their trip to Manchester Storm (PHOTO: Derek Black)

Dundee Stars’ Egil Kalns has also been handed a one-game ban for a check to the head on Glasgow Clan’s Craig Moore during their game on Sunday.

The incident was determined under Category 1, labelled as ‘careless’ defined as insufficient attention or thought to avoid harm or error.

The DOPS statement said: “The broken play (after the puck came off the referee’s skate) led to Moore turning his attention to the puck. At the same time, Dundee Stars’ Egils Kalns is skating from behind the net to angle off Moore.

“Kalns is aware the puck hit the referee’s skates as he altered his skating pattern directly towards Moore. The play was reviewed and it was determined supplementary discipline is required for a check to the head.

“It was taken into consideration, that the result of the check regarding injury is much worse than the action of Kalns. It is felt Kalns was not making the check with an intent to injure.

“However, he is responsible to avoid head contact, work to avoid or minimise contact and not take advantage of an unsuspecting player.”

Kalns will miss Saturday’s opening league game at Manchester Storm.

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