Dowd: ‘Awesome’ to play against USA’s NHL stars

Photo courtesy of Dean Woolley.
Forward Robert Dowd says it was an “awesome experience” to run one of the best teams in the world close, as Great Britain put up a massive fight before losing 6-3 to USA at the World Championship.

GB, who are ranked 22nd in the world, were level at 1-1 with the world’s fourth seeds before USA secured the win, including a goal for superstar Patrick Kane.

The odds on a GB win would have dwarfed prize pay outs at online casinos in america, and for GB to score three goals and compete with the star-studded line-up for the full three periods is a credit to them.

Britain went into the game on the back of a 9-0 defeat by Denmark and Dowd thinks it was a fantastic response.

“We were disappointed yesterday and how we fell off the rails a little bit,” said Dowd.

“We wanted to come back with a performance and start to build. We came out kicking and things started firing for us, which was great.

“On paper, that is the best team in the world, so to trade blows with them and run them close is great for confidence for all the boys.

“It was awesome. It was like a dream come true to play against some of those players.

“To be playing against them and competing with them, actually doing well and giving the a real run, was brilliant.”

GB are not in action tomorrow but return to the ice on Friday against Finland at 8:15pm (7:15pm UK), in the mean time have a look at choiceonlinecasino.

Tournament results so far

Group A

10 May 2019

Finland 3–1 Canada
United States 1–4 Slovakia

11 May 2019

Denmark 5–4 (GWS) France
Germany 3–1 Great Britain
Slovakia 2–4 Finland

12 May 2019

United States 7–1 France
Denmark 1–2 Germany
Great Britain 0–8 Canada

13 May 2019

United States 3–2(OT) Finland
Slovakia 5–6 Canada

14 May 2019

Great Britain 0–9 Denmark
Germany 4–1 France

15 May 2019

United States 6–3 Great Britain
Germany 3–2 Slovakia

Group B

10 May 2019

Russia 5–2 Norway
Czech Republic 5–2 Sweden

11 May 2019

Switzerland  9–0 Italy
Latvia 5–2 Austria
Norway 2–7 Czech Republic

12 May 2019

Russia 5–0 Austria
Italy 0–8 Sweden
Latvia 1–3   Switzerland

13 May 2019

Russia 3–0 Czech Republic
Norway 1–9 Sweden

14 May 2019

Italy 0–3 Latvia
Switzerland  4–0 Austria

15 May 2019

Switzerland  4–1 Norway
Russia 10–0 Italy

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