Dutiaume keeps door open for Carlo

Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume is pleased to have Buesa at his disposal again (PHOTO: Panthers Images)

Fife Flyers coach Todd Dutiaume has revealed the door will remain open for forward Carlo Finucci if he decides to return.

The 33-year-old ended a four-year spell in Kirkcaldy to join Romanian side Corona Brasov earlier this month, to the disappointment of the fans.

But Dutiaume revealed he hasn’t ruled out bringing him back if an opportunity presented itself.

“The door remains open for Carlo to come back and we’ve still been in touch after he left,” he said. “He knows where we stand and we’ll keep a close eye on him.

“A big part of me wants him to go away and be successful and do all those things, but if he decides he’s left things on the table here, we would certainly look to bring him back.

“A lot of players who leave here we don’t see again, but I would never close the door on a character like Carlo.”

Dutiaume reflected on his four-year stay at the club, which saw him win the Gardiner Conference in 2018, the same year he played in the play-off final weekend.

The Flyers boss admits Finucci was part of his plans for the new season and had a longer term aim in mind for him.

But he recalls the initial criticism of Finucci when he was first signed and how he transformed the perceptions made of him at the time.

Finucci left Fife for Corona Brasov earlier this month (PHOTO: Mark Ferriss)

Dutiaume added: “I remember when he first came, even before he’d put a jersey on, he’d taken a lot of flak and people were picking his resumé apart and was accused of not taking things seriously apparently.

“Give him his due, he stood up to it and worked hard and he leaves here as a lot of people’s favourite player.

“He created a lot of memorable moments and there were times that when he got out there, he could make something happen.

“He was very much part of my plans for the new season.  Carlo and I had had a number of conversations and in my mind, I had hoped he would finish his career in a Fife Flyers uniform.

“Carlo cemented himself as our longest serving import and won over a lot of our fan base during his time here.”

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