EPL leaders add Baston to their squad

Telford Tigers have signed netminder Jon Baston for the rest of the EPL season.

The 22-year-old was part of Basingstoke Bison’s title-winning roster last year, posting a save percentage of just over 93 percent.

Baston’s signing significantly strengthens Tigers’ goaltending options, with Head Coach Tom Watkins already able to call upon Sam Gospel between the pipes.

Watkins said: “Both Jon and Sam have won the league in the last two seasons, so they’ve proved they can compete at the level we want them to.

“This is just a smart move for the team to make, to make sure that we have that depth. We don’t want to go into game without having a quality netminder there.

“It also takes a bit of pressure off the other guy. If they perhaps know they’re having a bad night, they can get out of the net and refocus for the next game.

“One of the reasons why I’ve gone after Jon is that I know what I’m going to get. He was an outstanding goalie in the league last season and I expect him to continue in the same vein.

“It’s really important that you have two guys who can play and put some competition on, especially given the position we’re in.

“Sam has done a fantastic job to date, but I think we would all be concerned if we lost a netminder at this point of the season.

“That would jeopardise the rest of the year, so having that competition between Sam and Jon will be a good thing for the team.”

(Image permission: Steve Brodie)

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