Fitzgerald happy with Freiburg exercise

Zack Fitzgerald left Glasgow Clan two months ago (PHOTO: Al Goold)

Glasgow Clan coach Zack Fitzgerald says he has a clearer idea for how his team will play after they came through the test from DEL2 side Freiburg at the weekend.

A 3-2 win and a penalty shots loss on Sunday was enough to leave the Clan boss satisfied after coming up against former coach Pete Russell, now in charge of the Germans.

“The systems I have in store I think are perfect for this team,” he said. “We’re going to be aggressive, quick and relentless and I can see us playing this way.  The season starts now and I’m excited to go where we go.

“The weekend was great. The guys really bought in and worked hard.  A lot of things went well, the lines were good and the guys were clicking really early.

WATCH: Glasgow Clan coach Zack Fitzgerald reflects on his team’s weekend clashes with EHC Freiburg

“It’s all positive and I think Freiburg and their fans were incredible, coming all this way.  Essentially, it’s about us, but it’s fun to play teams in other leagues and I’m really happy with it.

“Two games in two, it’s early days and the legs are heavy.  Hockey conditioning is hard and you can work all summer, like my guys have done, but it’s not the same as playing the games.

“Lungs and legs are burning of course and with two games like that, it’s to be expected that the intensity on the second night maybe isn’t the same.

“For having little time to work with and not being able to pass the information on to the guys, the hockey sense took an override and I wanted to see how these guys played and they did well with it.”

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