Five ice hockey movies you didn’t know about

Kurt Russell starred in 'Miracle' in 2004, but there are ice hockey movies you may not know about (PHOTO: Disney)

Whenever the discussion of ice hockey movies comes up, the usual names are churned out.  Films like Slap Shot, Goon, Miracle and the Mighty Ducks have retained some level of popularity with us as fans.

But there are many more movies made featuring the sport that perhaps you’re not entirely aware of – and that’s where we come in.

We’re not for a minute saying these films are any good or not, but they are out there and if you happen to come across any of them, by all means, check them out.

So, here are five movies you didn’t know about.

Olivia Newton John (left) is no stranger to the musical genre


If there are two things you wouldn’t have put together, it’s ice hockey and musicals and ‘Score’ is the result of that.

Seventeen-year-old Farley Gordon has led a sheltered life, home-schooled and isolated by his parents. His closest friend is Eve, their next door neighbour.

When his skill at hockey is realised, Farley is signed to a major hockey league and achieves instant fame and success. But pressure from his coach and teammates and a changing relationship with Eve begin to create intense strain in Farley’s life.

Starring Noah Reid and Farley, featuring musicals veteran Olivia Newton-John as his mum and appearances from ‘The Great One’ Wayne Gretzky and Theo Fleury, it’s sure to be a winner.  Whether it is, we’ll let you decide.

Jordan Buesa of Fife Flyers with one of the film’s stars, Daniel Baldwin, making a Canadian peace sign apparently (PHOTO: Jordan Buesa)


This one came to our attention last year when it appeared on Amazon Prime and it was revealed that Fife Flyers forward Jordan Buesa was involved, so we spoke to him about it of course.

Starring Daniel Baldwin, it’s about a professional hockey player who is only happy when he is miserable who signs a long-term contract that covers is entire career only to ruin it in his first year due to substance abuse and alcoholism.

He rides his good luck in the final month of the final year of his contract when he gets a last chance at redemption in the seventh game of the finals.

As well as Jordan, the film also features KHL legend Alexei Yashin.  It may not be the best effort, but worth checking out.

A dark comedy thriller with ice hockey at its score – Bon Cop Bad Cop is your film


It wouldn’t be a Canadian film without referencing ice hockey in some way and this darkly humourous buddy cop effort delivers on that front.

Colm Feore and Patrick Huard pair up as they investigate a murder on the Ontario-Quebec border which leads them to the world of ice hockey, where players have been targeted.

We don’t want to give too much away already, but the NHL is parodied through names of certain individuals, for example, the character Buttman (a play on NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman) is an obvious one to conclude.

This French-Canadian bilingual movie, the first of its kind, spawned a sequel in 2017, which – quelle surprise – didn’t do as well at the box office.

Odd Man Rush is based on the memoir of former player Bill Keenan


Released just last year, the story is based on the memoir of former player Bill Keenan and was met with generally favourable reviews.

It features Jack Mulhern as Bobby Sanders, a New York Rangers fan who plays hockey for Harvard University and after a spinal injury, finds himself playing third tier hockey in Sweden.

The film deals with the relationships he makes along the way rather than the cliched underdog story with the predictable ending.

Odd Man Rush manages to be more than that and while there are some things to criticise, it’s a decent effort and perhaps worth giving a go.

Mark O’Brien as Terry Sawchuk with Kevin Pollak

GOALIE (2019)

This film centres on the life of Terry Sawchuk, a former NHL goalie who played with a few clubs during his career until his untimely death at the age of 40.

His story begins in his early years and takes him through a glittering career from Detroit Red Wings to New York Rangers and four Stanley Cups along the way.

But in the background is his battle with depression, his troubled relationship with his wife and alcoholism leading to his death in tragic circumstances.

Starring Mark O’Brien, it’s another hockey film that doesn’t tread the well-worn path of sports movie with triumphant ending or the redemption story, but takes you through the man behind the mask.

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