Five Things We Learned: Shambles in Scotland

Murrayfield's ongoing closure and other things have meant the Racers have had to pull out of the SNL, but they're blaming Dundee Comets (PHOTO: Nigel Duncan)

We’re back after an unexpected week off (really sorry about that) to pass on what we’ve learned over the last week, from public spats to having no boss, this is what we picked up.

1. Shambles in Scotland

The all-out war of words between Dundee Comets and Murrayfield Racers paints a depressing picture of ice hockey in Scotland and it needs to end soon.

With no season in sight for the SNL, the internal fighting was unnecessarily brought into the public domain by the Racers who accused the Comets of basically ‘undermining’ their attempts to return.

Comets responded by alleging Racers were signing their players and registering without going through the proper channels, even alleging David Hand, the SIH chairman, was involved.

We could go on all day with this, but we’ve got other things to cover.  What is clear is they need to get together and sort it out and hopefully the players in the SNL can get back to some long awaited action.

It was going so well for Guildford on Sunday, but then it all started to get a bit nervy (PHOTO: John Uwins)

2. Two sides to Guildford

Last week, before other commitments and time constraints prevented us coming us from coming to you (really sorry about that), we were going to talk up why no-one has been talking about Guildford Flames.

Then they go and have the weekend they have where they were hammered 7-0 to Dundee Stars in Scotland on Saturday then were looking good at leading 5-1 to Manchester Storm.

Suddenly, Storm snap four back, including a dramatic late leveller to take the game to overtime where the Flames take the win.  A fraught weekend if you’re of the Guildford persuasion, but plenty of things to look at for coach Paul Dixon.  It might be a busy week for him.

3. Dundee’s flare for the dramatic

If you hadn’t seen Dundee Stars’ excellent Squid Game parody promoting their game with Guildford on Saturday, then you must check it out.

We appreciate not everyone has seen the show, but those of us who haven’t get the general idea and the Stars players, while may not be bothering the Academy Awards, looked as though they had great fun in making it.

We called it ‘tweet of the week’ and we stand by it so well done to the guys involved, including Omar Pacha who played his role brilliantly as well.

Belfast Giants got the job done without head coach Adam Keefe this weekend (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

4. No need for Keefe

It just shows you don’t always need the boss standing at the side to direct your every move, as Belfast Giants found out this weekend.

With Adam Keefe stuck at home isolating due to Covid, it meant Rob Stewart and Jeff Mason took the team and oversaw two good victories for them.

Knowing Adam, he would have been in constant contact with his players and his staff masterminding things from his home, but it shows even when he’s not there, the players are able to do their jobs well.

“Can you move over a bit please, Dave?”

5. Dave Whistle leans to one side 

The interviews with Leeds Knights coach Dave Whistle have left us with a crick in our necks watching him standing on the right of the screen.

Instead of being dead centre, they insist he stands to one side to showcase the sponsors, presumably, while Dave gives his thoughts and it’s a little off putting.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the sponsors and they’ve paid their money to have their brand out there for us all to see, but can poor Dave not stand in the middle where he should be?

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