Five Things We’ve Learned: Roster changes and Euro trips

Shaone Morrisonn signed for Cardiff last week as they look to find a winning formula (PHOTO: Helen Brabon/Cardiff Devils)

It’s time for the last word on the weekend and the five things we picked up from the weekend just past.

Changing the rosters

We’ve had a good few weeks now and it tends to be when the bigger teams aren’t enjoying a good run of form, they start to tweak their rosters in the hope they can come up with a winning formula.

Additions and departures have been made to Belfast, Cardiff, Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester already and there’s either been a mixed bag or it’s too soon tell if the alterations have got the desired result.

We’re finding out how much of a ruthless league the EIHL is right now and if you’re not up to scratch, then you’ll be moved on.  Those not showing their form will do well to up their game.

There’s something about Nottingham Panthers in Europe (PHOTO: Panthers Images)

Panthers do Europe really well

What is it about the Nottingham Panthers and European competitions? There’s another appearance coming in the Continental Cup final group in January after winning it in 2017 and continue to be the standard bearers for British clubs on the continent.

Bear in mind, they were also the first team to win a game in the Champions Hockey League, win an away game in the same tournament as well as reach the last 16.

They’re certainly in with a chance of winning the Continental Cup again and if you’re a Panthers fan who follows them abroad, you would have great memories from their recent trips in the last few years.

Telford Tigers picked up four points, including a win over top of the table rivals Swindon Wildcats, to go into pole position in the NIHL National League (PHOTO: Steve Brodie)

Telford Tigers setting the standard

From recollection, there weren’t many people mentioning Telford Tigers as a possible contender for the NIHL National League, but there they are at the top after another great weekend.

Taking a 5-3 win over Swindon Wildcats at the Link Centre was a real marker in this particular title race and it set them up nicely as they continued with a 6-2 home win over MK Lightning.

Tom Watkins is as experienced as they come when it comes to this level, but his team are doing themselves proud in a very competitive league.  A double header with Raiders is next for them so you’d fancy them to still be there on Sunday night.

Sheffield Steelers’ Marc-Oliver Vallerand was getting a hard time on Sunday night on Twitter (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

No sympathy on Twitter

If you’re a player maybe hoping for sympathy, then Twitter is not the place to go looking as Marc Olivier Vallerand found out on Sunday night.

He retreated to the locker room before his team-mates on Sunday in Glasgow to get treatment on a leg injury he says he sustained before the post-game formalities were concluded.

Needless to say, Clan fans weren’t buying it as they accused the Steelers player of disrespect and so began the usual exchange as Vallerand cleared up his position.  There’s never a dull moment in this league.

Brent Walton had a great time among his old team and fans at the weekend (PHOTO: Cardiff Devils)

We should all be Brent Walton

When Brent Walton was invited over for an appreciation night for Cardiff Devils’ game against Fife Flyers, Walton did his level best to turn it into a Joey Martin night instead.

The former player stripped to the waist, waving a flag in the crowd with “The Goat 88” scrawled on his back and a picture of a Devil on his stomach.

It was great to see a former player really get into the spirit of the night and enjoying himself at a place he clearly enjoyed being back in and we could all learn from Brent’s enthusiasm and appreciation for his former team-mate.

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