GB U18 ‘D’ man joins Pirates

Great Britain U18 ‘D’ man Jordan Stokes has signed for Hull Pirates.

The 17-year-old joins the Pirates from Coventry after gaining considerable experience last season across a number of leagues.

Stokes played for the Blaze NIHL and U18 teams, Solihull Barons in the NIHL, as well as dressing for both Manchester Phoenix in the EPL and Coventry’s Elite League side.

“I’m excited to join the Pirates and get experience at a higher level whilst playing alongside players who have a better knowledge of the game,” said Stokes.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about myself as a player as well as learning in games and training to improve myself each time I’m on the ice.

“The Pirates are building a strong team this year which will compete well in all games.

“Next year will be exciting as I’ll be playing EPL full-time and that’s great for me as I get to learn and improve whilst playing at a good standard of hockey with better players.

“I’ll be hoping for a chance whereby I can show myself and prove myself to everyone but mostly it will be to learn as much as possible as well as improve every aspect of my game to make me as good as I can be.

“I can see us being a tough team to compete against with the players already signed so far.

“The Pirates look good and organised with experienced ‘D’ in this league and from different leagues around the world.

“We also have high quality Brits as well as imports, so it allows us to always have a strong line out.”

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