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Canadians’ favorite sport never fails to capture the imagination. What fans will do to enjoy the spectacle or be close to their hero. Ice, puck, and two teams ready to come face to face in a harsh confrontation. Hockey is a sport of real men, and we will tell you about the rest of the fans of this spectacle.

Stories of hockey fans

The buzz around sports matches is expected, the more so, a contact sport always generates a lot of discussions. But it’s all on the field, much more interesting to watch fans’ antics. Some of the actions of devoted fans are undoubtedly respectful, but the antics of individual characters are very amusing.

An incident at a Philadelphia Flyers game

In 2001, the Flyers faced the Toronto Maple Leafs in an incident. One of the players, Toronto right winger Tie Domi, earned a penalty and sat on the bench. At this time, the opposing fans began actively booing and teasing him. A couple of times, the friskiest even managed to grab him by the edge of the uniform. Then, without holding back, the player began to pour water from his bottle on them, which only turned them on more.

At one point, the glass separating the bench from the spectators’ area cracked, and a couple of poor guys nearly fell under Domi’s feet. The referees almost stopped the hockey player who rushed toward them, and the guy shouting insults may have kept his insurance from bankruptcy.

Burgers on Ice

A funny thing happened once at an Ottawa Senators game. That season, goalie Andrew Hammond, a.k.a. The Hamburglar, could only play one game in the NHL before he stepped in to replace the injured Anderson. Many believed this decision would lead to a total loss, as the 27-year-old player did not have much experience.

At the end of the season, Hammond had a 20-1 overall score, which is considered a great result. Ottawa fans cheered the goalkeeper with delight and came up with a fun way to praise him for his play. After the final whistle, the fans threw hot hamburgers on the ice to cheer the player up. Andrew didn’t risk tasting the fresh burgers off the ice and joked afterward that they could have been warmer.

Octopus ink

In the NHL (https:\ Hall of Fame, the Detroit Red Wing, who made the league’s playoffs for 25 years in a row, holds a place of honor. One of the most memorable moments was the 1952 celebration at Olympia Stadium. On April 15, the Cusimano brothers decided to surprise the players by throwing a real octopus on the ice. This symbolized the eight wins the club needed to win the Stanley Cup.

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The eight tentacles were perfect for this task, and the effect was not long in coming. The Red Wing was able to beat their opponents on the way to victory, and the octopus became the unofficial team talisman.

Key achievements of the Detroit Red Wing team

Number of awards Description of the competition Title of Trophy MVP
11 NHL championship Stanley Cup Gordie Howe
13 American Division championship, most regular season points Prince of Wales Trophy Roger Crozier
6 Western Conference playoff championship Clarence S. Campbell Bowl Henrik Zetterberg
6 Most regular season points Presidents’ Trophy Jim McFadden
5 NHL championship runner-up O’Brien Trophy Moritz Seider

Personal achievements of players

  • Art Ross Trophy – Gordie Howe(1950-1954)
  • Hart Memorial Trophy – Gordie Howe(1951-1953)
  • NHL Lifetime Achievement Award – Gordie Howe(2007-2008)

Pied Piper of Hamelin

It was hard to think of a more unusual story. The Florida Panthers winger was making final preparations while waiting for the game to start. Mellanby could not have expected that a rat would appear out of nowhere in the locker room. Without thinking twice, the hockey player fired a puck at the uninvited guest, ending its wanderings. The place where the rodent died was marked with an indelible marker, indicating the date and the inscription: “Rest in peace.

The evening ended in a Panthers victory, with Scott scoring two goals. This incident apparently pleased the team’s goalie, who mentioned after the match that the rat-catcher tricks must have helped him win the game. One day after the match, someone thought of throwing a toy rat on the ice. After that, with each winning game, the fans threw more and more plastic rats onto the field, thus encouraging the Panthers.

A local Florida supermarket even offered guests pies resembling tailed weasels. And a bar known to hockey fans began pouring a new cocktail called Rat Shooter.

Fans of hockey gambling

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In the end

Use your skills and knowledge in online casinos to your advantage. Analytics will allow you to weigh the odds of luck and choose the best option for your bet. Do not go into debt in an attempt to win back for failure. Instead, conclude each event and act in a balanced manner. You should not try to bet for young fans under 21 years old gambling entertainment for adults.

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