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We all want our children lead healthy and happy lives, but unfortunately more and more young people are turning to games consoles, TV and tablets as their sole form of entertainment.

According to research by, most children spend on average 17 hours a week in front of screen, a growing trend that’s worrying us as parents.

Looking for alternatives to football and netball? What about ice hockey?

Sport is by far the best way of helping your children to stay active.

On top of being hugely beneficial to their health and curving the risk of obesity, sport can also build confidence, improve hand eye co-ordination and help your child or children to make new friends.

You can’t expect your kids to love the same sports as everyone else. Why not suggest an alternative, like ice hockey?

Ice hockey is one of the best games for cardiovascular activity

Ice hockey is a lot of fun. It’s also one of the best cardiovascular sports around.

Not only will your child learn to skate like an Olympic pro, they’ll get a workout that will 1) heighten their endurance and energy 2) burn calories and 3) improve the flow of oxygen around their body.

The government recommends children (aged 5-18) take in at least an hour of physical activity a day. A couple of after-school ice hockey sessions a week can help reach this target.

More benefits of ice hockey, including balance and hand-eye coordination

Cardiovascular exercise isn’t the only benefit of playing ice hockey? The sport can also improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

Good hand-eye coordination can improve their balance, concentration and will in turn help your son or daughter to progress in other sports by enhancing their speed and reaction time.

Ice hockey can help your child to become a team player

As we all know, life is all about working together and with people who may not necessarily share the same interests.

By encouraging your child to take up a team sport like ice hockey, you’re helping them to understand the importance of collaborating and helping others.

Being a team player is a key trait that everyone should have, teamwork can help your child to make friends easily and help others, thus improving their confidence and social skills.

Ice hockey can improve your child’s reaction time and concentration

You’ll be amazed at how much of a positive effect extra-curricular activities like ice hockey can have on your child’s school life.

At a time when the average human’s attention span is about eight seconds (thanks TV), sports like ice hockey are essential.

Not only can physical activity improve your child’s discipline, it can also do wonders for their concentration, which will no doubt have a hand in keeping them focused in school.

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