“It’s awesome!” Sean Richards on start to Panther’s life

The Nottingham Panthers

Sean Richards on Panther’s life after signing for the club in December.

The Forward has been in good form recently scoring four times since joining the club.

His first came in December against the Sheffield Steelers and since then he has grabbed one against Fife Flyers.

He also grabbed two goals against Guildford Flames in a 4-2 Challenge Cup victory.

Robbie Baillargeon also scored two in a successful first leg for the quarterfinalists.

New Teammates

Richards spoke about how it felt to be playing with teammates like Baillargeon, saying: “Robbie’s got a lot of good vision out there, (Matt) Lane’s a little fast guy, he’s really skilled, so it’s nice to play with those guys”.

He’s been impressed by more than just the quality of his teammates though.

New Stadium

“Yeah it’s awesome, coming from Mount Royal University we played in front of 100 fans, so I mean it’s a lot different, takes me back to junior; playing in front of a large crowd, I got used to it after a while; I was a little nervous the first couple of games, but it’s been good”.

Now the Canadian has started to settle in a little more he’s in good form, he attributes this to his teammates: “First couple of games I didn’t really have my confidence, but after a while I gained it a little bit, especially playing with those couple of veteran guys”.

Of course, mere weeks after joining the side Richards saw ex-Head Coach Tim Wallace dismissed from the club.

Speaking on this, he said: “A little different thing going on last weekend with the firing there, I think we all took it pretty well and I mean it’s going good”.

New City

He’s not just enjoying the game time though as he said he’s been exploring the city: “I was lucky enough not to have Covid, so I kind of explored it (the city) by myself, walked around the town every day, I’m loving it”.

Nottingham now face three games in three days this weekend against Glasgow Clan, who were left ‘scrambling’ after changes to Covid rules in Scotland.

They also face Fife Flyers and Dundee Stars consecutively after the Clan

The panthers won’t be playing at home in the National Ice Centre until the 23rd of January now.

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