Jordan Cownie re-signs for Dundee Stars ahead of 2019/20 season

Dundee Stars have confirmed forward Jordan Cownie has re-signed for the club ahead of the 2019/20 season.

Cownie, 23, spent the previous two seasons with the Stars, scoring 57 points in 110 appearances.

He won the Elite League’s Young British Player of the Year award for the 2018/19 season.

Head coach Omar Pacha said: “Jordan is a player that I really wanted back from last year.

“He was one of the younger and better Brits in the league, so it was important for us to keep him and also I think he still has a lot to prove.

“For him it is vital to get that ice time and we can offer that here, unfortunately if Jordan went to another team, maybe he wouldn’t be as exposed and he has a great opportunity to keep pushing on with his career too.

“We want him to improve, we looked at other Brits in the league and we looked at Jordan and you are kind of banking on Jordan to keep improving on a weekly and yearly basis.

“He is one of those younger Brits still and as I said to him and I will say it publicly, he needs to use next year as a huge opportunity to become one of the standout British players and not just one of the young Brits.”


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