Elite Series Draft 2021

The NHL Draft is taking place this weekend (PHOTO: NHL)


Well, I think that’ll do us for tonight.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the polls, shared their thoughts and generally got involved.  Well done to everyone at the Elite League for a great job today and tonight.  It’s compelling, enjoyable and even nervy.  Best of luck to all the players who were selected and we can’t wait to get started on it too.

For now, enjoy the rest of your evening.


We’ve just started another poll about who you think has the better squad so far following the draft.  You know what to do…


Before the draft, we asked who you thought had the better protected players of the four teams.  Here are the final results of that:


From one son of a Panthers legend to another.

While, it’s a return to Steelers for a local legend too


Okay, so that was 12 minutes we had.  Just catching up with some reactions out there and this one caught our eye

“Owls” (Mr Owls to you) thought two clubs done well in the draft


And that’s the show, folks.  We’ll take five and get our bearings, but tell us what you made of it, which players will stand out and how you think the rosters look.


Ryan Finnerty with his final comments:

“For us, we wanted to make sure we have guys in our plans for next year and make sure they get some action.  We’ll be maybe looking at guys we’re interested in going forward.  There’s a lot of names coming by us and it’s an interesting thing for us coaches.”

“There’s some guys that were drafted before I could get them, but I’m really happy with what we have.  We might make a trade though,” Gui Doucet of Nottingham Panthers.

“Some of the signings, we have to be patient and there’s a market out there for players looking to come over.  It’s a good draft for the fans and good for us hockey people.


“There are some conversations ongoing”, says Sheffield coach Aaron Fox about imports. “I really like where we look for our Brits and can’t wait to get started.

“We’ve been active (with our imports) and have plenty of names coming across that are interested and eager to come across,” Coventry coach Danny Stewart.


Another third goalie, this time for Manchester Storm as they opt for SAM GOSPEL for Leeds Chiefs (nearly typed United there)


An “up and comer” for Danny Stewart and he’s gone for AUSTIN MITCHELL-KING, currently with Telford Tigers in the Spring Cup right now

Nottingham Panthers have gone for a goalie for their last pick and it’s WILL KERLIN, who played for Sheffield Steelers in 2019/20


CURTIS WARBURTON is the first of two picks for Sheffield Steelers as Aaron Fox has two in a row.

His second pick, number 47 overall and he’s moved on from it.  Sheffield Steelers are finished


Back to Nottingham Panthers and they’ve gone for MORGAN CLARKE-PIZZO.  You might have heard of his dad, David…

A third Coventry goalie picked up by Danny Stewart and it’s WILL BRAY, who’s been in Sweden this season


Over to Manchester Storm for picks 32 and 33 and Ryan Finnerty has selected JACOB LUTWYCHE firstly before picking BEN SOLDER, currently with Raiders in the Spring Cup


Gui Doucet has gone for someone not local and he’s gone from LIAM STENTON, who iced at Solway Sharks and Glasgow Clan in 2019/20


Coventry Blaze’s turn now and it’s gone quiet as Danny Stewart’s kids run riot.

He’s gone for SAM RUSSELL from Milton Keynes Lightning


Three more rounds to go and some of the other players remain up for grabs and we’re starting with the Steelers again.  These are ‘taxi squad’ players who will be on hand to help out with the squad.

The 29th pick overall is JACK MUSIL for Sheffield Steelers


We agree.  It seems to be popular with the watching fans right now


Todd Kelman chatting with all the coaches to find out more about their picks and why they’ve gone for them


Cole Shudra is off to Coventry Blaze and he’s pleased to be on board


Ben Davies is pleased


We’re taking a break there.  Goodness me, that was exciting.  What did you make of that?


The last pick of the first seven rounds is ADAM JONES, who will join his brother Sam at Sheffield Steelers, Aaron Fox has announced.


Stewie mulling over his options for Coventry and, with recommendation from Bees coach Doug Sheppard, it’s IVAN ANTONOV


A forward for Nottingham Panthers in case Brett Perlini can’t make it and an exciting opportunity for Dundee Star CRAIG GARRIGAN, who was recommended by Omar Pacha


Double pick for Manchester for numbers 24 and 25.  Let’s find out who they’ve gone for.  First up, it’s DECLAN BALMER. Their second pick is STEPHEN MURPHY from Belfast Giants, giving Finnerty a lot of experience between the pipes.


Over to Nottingham Panthers and “an easy one” for Doucet he says.  That person is JORDAN KELSALL and one they know well in Nottingham.


Stewie returns for the 22nd pick and it’s a former Cardiff Devil, currently at Swindon Wildcats, TOMS RUTKIS


Sheffield Steelers with the 20th name to be picked and it’s BEN CHURCHFIELD, who he had signed in the summer.  Churchfield was at the University of New England and a product of Sheffield’s junior system.

JASON HEWITT is next and one the Steelers fans will be delighted to see.  Hewitt currently rolling back the years with Sheffield Steeldogs in the Spring Cup right now


Blaze up again and Danny Stewart takes his time.  Who will he pick?

It’s MAC HOWLETT, who was at Glasgow Clan previously


Gui Doucet is back up for another pick for Nottingham Panthers and it’s s steal from Steelers as KIERAN BROWN goes there


Ryan Finnerty waits patiently and it’s his turn.  He’s going back to Glasgow for another former player and it’s the Clan captain, MATT HAYWOOD


Two picks in a row for Nottingham Panthers and their first pick is MARK GARSIDE to help them on the blue line.  His second pick from Manchester’s trade is…(hang on, he’s chatting with Tim Wallace)



It’s another one for the Steelers and Fox has gone for ALEX GRAHAM

Back to Coventry Blaze and Danny Stewart with pick number 14.  His choice? SAM DUGGAN


It’s Danny Stewart’s turn now and he’s gone for COLE SHUDRA, currently playing in Telford Tigers right in the Spring Cup.

Aaron Fox has revealed he wanted Shudra, but has gone for JOSH WALLER, who was at Guildford Flames last season


Finner’s on the clock again for Manchester Storm and he’s taken another former Clan player who played under him in Glasgow, CRAIG PEACOCK


Now over to Nottingham Panthers for the ninth pick and LEWIS HOOK is Gui Doucet’s selection


Storm also have the eighth pick and it means BEN DAVIES will be reunited with former Clan coach Ryan Finnerty


Coventry Blaze are up next for their second pick and…the sound appears to have gone.

PAUL SWINDLEHURST is the man for him.

Now for Manchester Storm for the seventh overall pick and Ryan Finnerty has taken JOSH BATCH


Aaron Fox has made SAM JONES his second pick for Sheffield Steelers.  Jones signed for Steelers from Fife Flyers last summer


Sheffield Steelers complete the first round with their first pick, MATTHEW MYERS


Manchester Storm have picked BEN LAKE from Belfast Giants as their first pick, second overall

Coventry Blaze have selected MIKE HAMMOND as their first pick


Nottingham Panthers have picked BEN BOWNS as their number one pick!



Manchester Storm’s first pick is…A TRADE

They’ve traded their first, ninth and 16th pick to Nottingham Panthers for numbers two, seven and ten


“Kirky’s a Sheffield lad and I facilitated the loan for him to go to Sweden.  I think there’s a good chance he could start the season with us.

Sheffield Steelers coach Aaron Fox


“Like Danny in Coventry, the tricky one was Perlini.  He confirmed if he’s available, he’s willing to play so we’ve taken a gamble.  It would have hurt if we didn’t pick him and he ended up playing somewhere else.”

Nottingham Panthers Director of Hockey Guillaume Doucet


“It’s pretty excited and lots of options to look at.  It hasn’t been an easy decision,”

Manchester Storm coach Ryan Finnerty on having the first pick


Todd Kelman, Cardiff’s managing director is hosting proceedings.  He’s chatting to Danny Stewart about why he’s picked Luke Ferrara when there’s a chance he might not play.

“We want some depth in the draft and be strong in all areas,” he added.


Hi Todd *waves*


Note to self: need to keep pressing update


IT’S LIVE! Here we go…




Not long to go now.  How is everyone feeling?  This should be a great watch.

Don’t forget to use our comments function underneath the article too.  We’d love to hear what you make of tonight’s proceedings.

Remember, the Draft is going out live on the Elite League Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/185379833060692/


Manchester Storm also added Ciaran Long to their roster after playing for Belfast Giants last season.  They’ve revealed he was due to return to them for 2020/21


Sheffield Steelers coach Aaron Fox has revealed how they were able to add Liam Kirk to their roster.  On the Steelers Twitter account:

Fox said: “Really excited to have Kirky on board for this. I’m sure our fans will love to see him back in Orange. I helped facilitate his loan in Sweden to start the year and when he came back at Christmas we discussed with his NA agent some options and protection for him for next year.

“We worked out a deal that keeps him in Sheffield if there isn’t any NA options available to him. With the NHL ending in late July and him to old to be in the OHL there’s also a scenario where he could start the year with us and go to a NHL training camp when they start if that option is out there.

“We would never hold a player back from that dream but it’s also important for us to know that if he is back in UK next year he’s back where he belongs”


And now for the Steelers.  Tell us what you see…


Let’s start with the other two teams.  Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers to make up the four…and there’s one name leaping out…



Scroll down to catch up with some of the developments from earlier in the day, including two of the teams who have revealed their five protected players.  We’re about to bring you up to date and it’s been a busy hour or so


Good evening, folks.  Welcome to the Live blog of the Elite Series draft. We hope you’ve had a good day.

And what a day it’s been!


Yup, us too…


…and we’re back and Manchester Storm have revealed their five protected players for the Elite Series.  What do you think, Storm fans?


We’ll be dipping in and out for the next couple of hours, but from 6.30pm, stick with us and we’ll bring you the picks as they happen.


We’re jealous we didn’t do one ourselves, but get in the mood for tonight’s festivities by checking out Peter Spencer’s excellent podcast where he and guests conduct a mock draft.

You can find a link to it here or check it out on Spotify



Building up to the main event, the Elite League are revealing the five protected players from the four teams – Coventry Blaze, Manchester Storm, Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers.

The first team have announced and it’s Coventry Blaze:


Tell us who you think who would would pick, by following us on Twitter @BritIceHockey or follow the British Ice Hockey Facebook page.


Welcome to the 2021 Elite Series Draft and we’ll be with you for the duration to tell who’s picking who in the draft.  The main event will begin at 6.30pm, when we’ll recap what’s happened today.

In the meantime, if you want to catch up with how the draft works tonight, you need to head here.  Alternatively, if you want to see the names involved in the draft, this article is where you need to be.


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