Lord: If I had two lives, I’d stay in Cardiff forever

Andrew Lord was speaking at the press conference to announce his departure (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

Departing Cardiff Devils coach Andrew Lord has said he would stay in Cardiff forever if he could live two lives.

Lord was speaking at a press conference to confirm his exit from the club after seven years and was emotional as he explained his decision to go, but revealed his choice is down to seeing how far he can go.

“It’s hard to keep it together and put into words right now,” he said. ” It’s been a fantastic ride and I’ve met so many great people.  The last 48 hours have been incredible when making a decision like this.

“The moments have been wild and in my first year here, we all saw the potential.  It’s an amazing city, but the fan base weren’t there completely, but the ones that were there, you could tell they loved it more than anything.

WATCH: Cardiff Devils press conference

“It’s been a brutal decision to make and if I could have two lives, I would be here forever.  The desire to see what I can do and put myself out there is the only reason I’m going.

“I know I could stay here and be extremely happy and work with these guys forever, but I need to see what I can do.  I’m jumping into the deep end and it’ll be a challenge, but I’ll take it on full tilt and see where we go.

“Everybody played their part and I had incredible backing from the owners and everyone.  I’ve been so lucky and it’s meant the world to me.”

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