Meyer’s pride on Glasgow return

Stefan Meyer on his return to Glasgow (PHOTO: Al Goold)

Former Braehead Clan forward Stefan Meyer says it was ‘surreal’ to be back in Glasgow as he was inducted on to the club’s Wall of Fame.

The Canadian spent two years under the Clan in their former guise between 2014 and 2016 and was welcomed back as his banner was displayed for the first time.

And Meyer was honoured by the gesture as we received a huge ovation from the Clan fans as he returned for the first time since leaving three years ago.

“Being back is surreal. It’s almost unrealistic because you’re where you are with home and work then you come back to a place you lived and breathed for 20 years of your life,” he said.

“It’s something you won’t forget and you get one last hurrah.  I guess this was it for me and for the organisation to do this for me and the fans who want to stop and talk to you about things you did or an impact I made on them, you can’t beat it.

“To have my wife out there with me tonight, then pictures and video, then getting my kids involved , I’m very grateful for the whole experience.

“Hearing the fans sing my song again made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  You sacrifice so much as a player when you move here.  This is an appreciation as a player and as a person you can’t explain and it stays with you.

Meyer spent two years at what was called Braehead Clan between 2014 and 2016 (PHOTO: Al Goold)

“I’m grateful for the fans, the organisation and everybody involved who gave me the opportunity to do this.  It’s awesome.”

Meyer witnessed his old team, now called Glasgow Clan of course, lose 5-1 to Dundee Stars on a disappointing night for Pete Russell’s team.

He admits it showed him what he’s missed since hanging the skates up, but believes his former team are in good hands.

Meyer added: “You see how the game is and the guys battling for each other. I’m jealous, but I was honoured to be part of this organisation when I was here and what they done.

“The guys battled hard and I’ve been on that side where you have a night that doesn’t go your way.  The bounces weren’t there and I know exactly how they’re feeling.

“But they’ll go away, win the next game and be successful from there.

“I think Pete’s done a great job with this team, from the way they play to their systems, it’s great to watch and they’ll be alright going forward.”

WATCH: Stefan Meyer talks about his return to Glasgow for a special night

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