Neilson: Panthers will make “positive changes”

Nottingham Panthers’ Head Coach Corey Neilson says the club’s bosses are committed to strengthening the team as he looks to turn their season around.

Sunday’s dismal 6-1 defeat at Sheffield Steelers was the Panthers’ ninth loss in their last eleven Elite League games and Neilson admits changes will be made.

“I’m disappointed, the organisation is disappointed, as are our fans and I think they should be,” he told Panthers Radio.

“It’s a result driven business and we haven’t been getting the league points and the results. We can sit around and make excuses, I’ve done that in the past and I don’t like doing that.

“It’s my job to find solutions and right now we are in the middle of finding solutions. We’ve spoken to the head bosses and we want to make changes. We are going to make positive changes to make our hockey team better and I’m excited about it.

“I’m excited that there is commitment at the top to make us better and we are going to find solutions in whatever area we are lacking in – there are a lot of areas that need strengthening and we are going to address that.

“The biggest disappointment for me was Sheffield on the road – we were awful, I was awful, the team was awful. It was pitiful and quite embarrassing.

“You know when we lost 8-1 there I think a month ago, it was embarrassing but there was a reason, we had nobody. That game was just an utter disappointment and that’s when you see that there are some needs around the room that need to be addressed.

“We lost in Cardiff and we lost at home to Sheffield and both of those performances, people sometimes take with a grain of salt if the performance is good and when you play as committed and be skilled like we did in those two games and fail to get your two points.

“As a coach you’ve still got to be encouraged, but at Sheffield it tended to break my spirit. But the next day you get back at it and find ways to make the hockey team better and find solutions for winning and that is what we’re doing.”

(Image permission: Karl Denham)

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