Panthers’ fan group won’t be put off by club’s lack of help

The driving force behind the Nottingham Panthers Supporters’ Trust (NPST) says he won’t be deterred by the club’s apparent lack of support for the new group.

With guidance from Supporters Direct, Rob Scott has spent the last few months increasing awareness of the proposed Trust.

A public meeting will take place at the end of March, where a positive vote could see the formal establishment of the NPST.

Trusts already exist across a range of other sports, most prominently in football and rugby league, and are designed to create a positive link between fans and their clubs.

Former Panthers defender Brock Wilson publicly backed NPST on social media and Nottingham Evening Post journalist Matt Davies ran an article about the Trust’s aims.

Volunteers have worked hard to spread the word to fans at games and on social media, while Ice Hockey UK boss Richard Grieveson has thrown his weight behind the idea and included it on the agenda for the next IHUK board meeting on 16th March.

Scott believes the Trust would be a positive development for the Panthers and hopes fans elsewhere follow his lead, but he thinks his own club are against the idea.

“We’re finding that the Panthers are not really helpful towards the Trust in any way, which is quite frustrating but not a massive surprise,” he said.

“Neil Black’s a successful businessman, but I got the feeling after his performance at the Q & A the other night that he’s able to cleverly avoid getting stick but when Gary Moran’s name is mentioned he’s booed by the crowd.

“He got asked about the Trust and he gave a very clever politician’s answer, which sounded good but actually didn’t say anything.

“He said he loves passionate fans and that the club always listens to fans. He was asked if he was sending any representation to the meeting in March, but he said no because they get asked to go to things every day.

“The reality is they probably don’t get asked to go to this type of meeting every day, so that was really disappointing.

“It feels like the club are trying to make it difficult for us to get the Trust going and advertise what it’s all about, but it’s reaffirmed my belief that this is exactly what we need.”

The meeting to discuss creating the NPST will take place at the Bolero Suite in the National Ice Centre on Thursday, 30th March (6.30pm).

(Image permission: Karl Denham)

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