Peacock returns and is ready to tackle new set-up

Braehead Clan forward Craig Peacock is returning for a second season with the club.

Peacock scored 11 goals with 12 assists in 48 games last season and he says he’s looking forward to taking part in the revised set-up in the Elite League next term.

“The new format was the best outcome for the league and you want to see as many teams in the league as possible – it’ll be good as you’ll play more cross Conference games,” said Peacock.

“Each Conference will be important of course, but with more games against the other teams in the league will also be crucial.

“There will be a good rivalry in the Scottish Conference and I expect there will be some good battles among the teams all year long.

“Every team is improving all the time and you only need to see Dundee Stars in the play-off finals, plus Fife and Edinburgh are challenges. It’ll certainly be interesting in our Conference.

“It’s hard to say what Milton Keynes and Guildford will bring to the league, but it’s great we’ve got two new teams coming in.

“Pete (Russell) in MK will have a good team put together. They’ll be hungry and ready to go. while Guildford have been established for a long time and have been successful.

“I’m certain these two teams won’t be coming in to make up the numbers.”

Following Ryan Finnerty’s departure last month the club are still searching for a new head coach, but Peacock insists whoever it is they’ll get the full backing of the Clan players.

“The outlook of the team will be different without Ryan there and a new coach will come in with new ideas and systems,” he added.

“There will be a bit of a change for the guys at the club who have been there for a while and have worked with Ryan before.

“Sometimes that can be a good thing as well. Ryan did a good job and brought me to Braehead last year and I really enjoyed working with him – I’m sad to see him go.

“But a new coach coming in will have the full backing of the players and it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.”

(Image permission: Al Goold Photo)

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