Plenty to build on for Pacha

Omar Pacha is hoping for the play-offs in his third season at Dundee Stars (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

Dundee Stars coach Omar Pacha says he’s excited to work with his team after seeing two encouraging performance against Odense Bulldogs at the weekend – but admits there’s room for improvement.

The Stars had a mixed weekend of results, winning 4-2 on Saturday against the Danes before being edged out 6-5 in Sunday’s rematch.

But it was enough to show Pacha that there’s a foundation there to work from as he turns his attention to the Challenge Cup double header against Glasgow Clan this weekend.

“We played hard all weekend, but it’s difficult to throw in everything to new players in a new team, but they reacted well and we played a lot of good minutes,” he said.

“There’s a lot to improve on, but we took a big, big step this weekend.  I was really pleased with how he played defensively on Saturday.

WATCH: Omar Pacha gives his thoughts to his team’s weekend games against Odense Bulldogs


“The guys had a rough week of practice, which is normal because you try to push them as much as you can.

“Fatigue perhaps started to play a part and when you see the mistakes, it’s maybe not down to work ethic.  They were perhaps mistakes of structure as guys are learning new systems.  We still scored five on Sunday so that’s a big positive.

“Overall I liked the third period on Sunday where I liked the energy, we had sustained pressure  and scoring chances, but it just didn’t go for us and it gives us something to build on for the weekend.

“We were better in certain areas on Saturday compared to Sunday and I saw where we had to improve.  We gave us six goals, but that was down to bounces or structure and little things here and there.

“I’m happy with what I saw but there are things to improve on and it’ll be the same for every team.  I’m excited to work with this group over the season and I’m looking to seeing them take on an Elite League team next week.”

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