Raiders see Appeal Rejection

Raiders will look to bounce back against the Steeldogs, but didn’t beat them last season (PHOTO: John Scott)

The Raiders see appeal rejection against an EIHA discipline panel. 

The club were forced to cancel their game against Swindon wildcats in December after a Covid outbreak.

The club said of the incident: “Immediately prior to the cancellation on Sunday 19th Raiders’ management did contact the EIHA to discuss the problems, and the rapid decision that needed to be made to avoid needless inconvenience”.

The EIHA say that the club didn’t follow the correct procedures for doing so and awarded the Cats with a 5-0 win.

A £150 fine was sent the Raiders way as well.

The club responded to this, saying: “To be denied the right to play it at a later time and recoup a large proportion of the income because “correct procedures were not conducted” does not show the sport in a particularly good light”.

Fan Response

One fan agreed with this tweeting out:

With cancellations becoming more and more common, how many other clubs could be caught out by these rules?

The Raiders said they operated: “swiftly and in good faith,” to prevent further inconvenience to fans or staff.

They continued in the statement on their website to thank other NIHL clubs for their support in the decision.

Moving Forwards

It begs the question what should they have done better?

The EIHA deemed the way the Raiders went about the cancellation to be incorrect, but if it was in a timely manner then what was the issue.

Nonetheless the fine and match result has been handed out and it cannot be changed now.

An unfortunate turn of events for the side who have been struggling for form this season.

A 9-1 victory over the Peterborough Phantoms being overshadowed by their recent 4-1 loss to the Sheffield Steeldogs.

They sit bottom of the National Division with just two wins in their last five games.

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