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Row rumbles on after Coventry announcer gets ejected by referee

There was little love lost on Valentines Day between the Guildford Flames and Coventry Blaze in a game with big controversy.

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There was little love lost on Valentines Day between the Guildford Flames and Coventry Blaze.

The Flames dished out a 5-1 thumping for Coventry on home ice, but it was controversy off it that was the main talking point.

The Controversy

Stefan Hogarth, the lead referee for the game, ejected Coventry announcer John Dalziel from the press box.

Early into the second period Hogarth took exception to a comment made by Dalziel over the PA system.

Fans said that Dalziel appeared to mock the official by donning a ref jersey and asking if anyone had a spare whistle.

This led to Hogarth instructing the announcer to leave due to misconduct.

Meanwhile, the row between Dalziel and Hogarth has since spilled onto social media.

It’s not the first time Hogarth has been caught up in controversy.

A petition was created by fans two years ago to ban the 32-year-old from the EIHL.

This pressure has ramped up again after the Valentine’s Day encounter, which has drawn much criticism from fans.

Hogarth and his team faced a backlash on social media which has resulted in the official deleting his Twitter page.

This was after tweeting a fellow official making some inflammatory comments about Dalziel.

Hogarth also accused Dalziel of mentally abusing him in another since deleted Tweet.

Dalziel has been vocal about not wanting to see anyone be harassed over this situation asking followers to #BeKind.

The Elite League, Dalziel and Hogarth have been approached for comment.

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