Ryan Johnson returns to Sheffield

Sheffield Steeldogs have announced the signing of Ryan Johnson on a permanent basis.

Johnson, 36, recently guested for the Steeldogs with three appearances, and the club has secured his services for the rest of the season.

He was a regular with Sheffield Scimitars over several seasons and was part of the Steeldogs’ team in their first ever season.

“He was great stepping in when we were very short on numbers,” said Ben Morgan.

“We’ve got a very young team and with Johno you get a lot of experience, a little bit of rough and tumble – he gives us something different when he goes out on the ice and in the three games he played he made his presence felt on the ice.

“It was great to see him score a goal with a typical blast and he’s a fantastic guy in the locker room, everyone always speaks highly of him. It’s great to get that experience, that right attitude with us all pulling in the same direction.”

On the move, Johnson added: “I was here a good few years back so I know quite a lot of the boys, and then there’s a few new young lads who are all up for the job and It’s a good set up here.

“It’s nice to get asked to play – it feels like a bit of a homecoming, having been here before and being a Sheffield lad. Hopefully I can keep the young lads on their toes and stick up for the boys when I can and hopefully I can chip in with a few goals when I can and enjoy myself.”

The club also confirmed that Cam Brownley will feature in this weekend’s action for the first time since November 23, 2019.

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