Salem leaves Tigers for Pirates

Telford Tigers have bid farewell to popular forward Nathan Salem who has joined Hull Pirates.

The 24-year-old, who first played for Telford in 2010, has left the EPL club for personal reasons. Tigers’ Head Coach, Tom Watkins, said Salem will depart with the best wishes of everyone involved with the club.

He said: “It’s a real shame for us to lose Nathan but in the circumstances it’s understandable.

“He has been with us now for some time and developed into an important member of this team. He will be missed by his teammates and the coaching staff.”

Salem, who scored in his final game against Manchester Phoenix on Sunday, said: “I’ve loved playing in Telford, and I want to thank the fans and club for giving me the chance to come here in the first place.

“I really appreciate all the support and messages I have had over the last few weeks.”

Wayne Scholes, CEO of Tigers’ owners Red Hockey, added: “I’m personally sad to see Nathan have to leave. Nathan is exactly the type of player that Telford want – young British players that we can give the best training, coaching, environment, and opportunity to help them thrive.

“Nathan was given a chance to play with the best players in the country and he excelled in that environment, learning from them and has become a fabulous player.

“I’ll be proud to see him play in a different jersey because it shows that we are doing the right things by giving young talent the opportunities we have. Nobody could doubt his dedication to the club.

“Sometimes things happen in our lives that are more important than hockey and as an organisation Telford understand that only too well, which is why we understand Nathan’​s need to leave. I’m grateful to Nathan and sincerely wish him a blessed life.”

Salem has switched to Hull to allow him to be closer to his current home in York.

Pirates’ Player/Coach Dominic Osman said: “We are really, really lucky to have a player of Nathan’s ability coming in.

“It was one of those situations which fell into our laps. He is really excited about coming here and being part of us. It means he can take care of those issues at home, as well as being able to play hockey.

“He is a player capable of putting up points as well as playing a tougher role, an all-round forward. He is gritty and hard to play against – it’s good to have him here.”

(Image permission: Steve Brodie)

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