Seven up for Galazzi

Bracknell Bees’ forward James Galazzi has agreed his seventh season with the EPL club.

With nearly 320 Bracknell Bees appearances under his belt, Galazzi’s gritty style has made him a firm favourite with the fans.

Bees’ boss Lukas Smital said: “Gazza is someone who will do whatever is required for the team and always puts the team and their success ahead of his personal achievement.

“I’m glad to have secured his return once again, as these are the kind of guys you need as they are the heart and soul of the squad.

“He changes the momentum of games for us with the extra edge he has to his game.

“He also does all the little things well and does the hard and edgy work on the ice that other players might not as well as chipping in with goals too.”

“It’s obvious that Gazza has now firmly become part of the furniture here Bracknell and is certainly part of the glue that holds the team together and a player that the fans all admire for his workrate.

“He is a big element in the dressing room and a real morale booster too.”

(Image permission: Tony Sargent)

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