Stars call on EIHA to provide “leadership and direction”

Oxford City Stars have called on the EIHA “to provide leadership and direction” ahead of a crucial meeting to discuss the future of the NIHL.

The recent news that EIHA boss Ken Taggart had advised the seven remaining Premier League clubs to apply to join the NIHL has caused plenty of concern for teams in the lower league, with many feeling the move would disrupt what has proven to be a sustainable set-up.

Oxford have issued a statement on their website demanding that the governing body issues further guidance to NIHL clubs.

“At Oxford we have always aimed to compete at as high a level as possible, and this move does fulfil those ambitions, however the speed at which this change will take place could be disruptive and challenging for our finances and our team,” the statement read.

“The potential addition of four ex-EPIHL clubs into the NIHL South with vastly higher financial resources, ice time and structure, will prove to be challenging in the extreme.

“We ask the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) to provide plans and suggestions PRIOR to the League meeting on May 7th, on how the NIHL can incorporate these ex-EPIHL teams.

“We do not think it would be helpful for the EIHA to await this meeting before issuing guidance to its member clubs.

“Oxford City Stars Directors feel that along with the other member clubs of the NIHL, we have played a strong part in the NIHL’s recent success and growth, and that the EIHA needs to provide leadership and direction at this crucial point in the history of British Ice Hockey.”

(Image permission: Paul Foster)

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