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Team GB ice hockey to qualify for Olympics on home ice

Can Team GB qualify for the Winter Olympics?

Romania - Jonathan Phillips, Team GB (Image: Hayley Roberts)

Our favourite team is back, and they are ready to get those medals for Great Britain. We have faith that after years of training, 2026 is going to be the year and they will come back stronger than ever before. Can they make it past the qualifying rounds this time? This is why you should tune in to watch the Winter Olympics for this season of jaw dropping games. In this guide, we explore if Team GB ice hockey can qualify for the Olympics on home ice?

Why ice hockey?

Have you ever seen ice hockey in real life? The underappreciated sport of Winter Olympics in Britain, you will soon discover that watching ice hockey is a lot of fun once the game begins. The players all have amazing skating skills and can move at very fast speeds up and down. Though, if you’re attending the Olympics yourself, you should keep an eye out for flying pucks—you’ll be thankful for the Perspex barrier keeping you and the players apart!

On the competitive ice rink, there may also occasionally be ice hockey fights that get the heart pumping, but generally, the sport is family-friendly! Kids attend and take classes in Canada, for example in kindergarten. In ice hockey, players battling for the puck may make hard contact as well as more gentle touches. The ice rink can be cold but it’s worth it. Is there anything better to see your team or country play to win medals? The thrill, excitement and tension are what make the Olympics worth watching.  

Why the Olympics?

With participation from nations all around the world, the Olympics are a truly global event. This worldwide representation promotes diversity and unity. The world’s top athletes, many of whom have spent their entire lives dedicated to their particular sports, are on display at the Olympics. Seeing their talent, commitment, and enthusiasm is motivating. Moments that will live in memory from the Games include incredible wins, dramatic triumphs, and record-breaking performances. Fans remember these events for years to come, and they even enter sports history. Unity and pride in your country can be created by watching your favourite athletes or national team participate. On this occasion, the people support the representatives of their own country. 

This gives you a chance to bet and root for your team with family and/or friends. You can watch the games from the comfort of your home or live in person, this is an incredible experience seeing your team win. You can do this through 32Red and place your 32 Bet on who you think will get the chance to take home the medals. 

Why Team GB

The next Winter Olympics that will feature ice hockey is the 2026 Winter Olympics. The 2026 Winter Olympics will be hosted by the cities of Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy. The GB Team made headlines in the early 20th century, winning the first European Championship in 1910. They took home the bronze in Chamonix, France, during the 1924 Winter Olympics, and went on to win the Olympics in Germany, in 1936. Most of the dual-national British Canadians who made up the gold medal-winning Olympic squad learned and practised the sport in Canada. 

The national team hasn’t had much of an impact on the sport since then, though. Their previous World Championship appearance was in 1994 before they successfully qualified for the 2019 season of the competition. 1948 was the last time Great Britain qualified for the Olympics. 

With some training and some quality athletes, we’re hoping that this is Team GB’s year. No doubt hockey fans around the world will be watching.

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