Team-Mates: Paul Swindlehurst

Paul Swindlehurst has revealed all on his Belfast Giants team-mates (PHOTO: William Cherry/Press Eye)

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on in locker rooms up and down the country? Team-mates is the series that brings you that during these barren times.

First up was Paul Swindlehurst, who was at Belfast Giants last season and he gave us the insight into the men who wore the same jersey as we set him 12 questions about the characters he played with.

Who is the best hockey player?

Curtis Hamilton and Matt Pelech

“Belfast was a very rounded team and we didn’t have any standout so I picked out these two.  It was a tough one for me to pick so I went for them both as they performed the best for us.

“You’ve could have drawn any name out of a hat for this one and is a really tough one to kick off with.”

Who is the joker?

Bobby Farnham

“By contrast, this was the easier one to answer.  Bobby is always doing something within or outwith the locker room.  He’s a funny guy so he stood out for this one.

“Say we had kids visiting the locker room, Bobby would run around kidding on he’s a monkey to try and get a reaction out of the kids.  He was always trying to make people laugh and made the room a fun place to be in.”

Who is the best dancer?

Curtis Hamilton and Shane Owen

“They had some moves they put together on the dance floor, if we were at a bar or anywhere. They could cut some shapes whenever you got a drink down them.”

Kevin Raine – a future coach? (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

Who’s going to be a coach?

Kevin Raine

“Most Belfast fans know he was trying to set up his own ice hockey academy for all ages before the coronavirus hit and he was going to call it ‘Personal Best Hockey.’

“He had the wheels going on it before the effect of the pandemic hit and he had to go home, but I think he’ll be a damn good coach with the stuff he has planned.”

Worst taste in music?

Ryan Lowney

“I have to say Ryan as he was our music guy and he likes rap music, being from Detroit.  He was into all that and took charge of the tunes before games.

“I’m more of a rock guy so our tastes kind of clashed, but I suppose if you had anyone else up against my taste, they would say mine is worse.  From me, it’s Ryan.”

Who is the fastest?

Lewis Hook and David Goodwin

“I had to pick the two of them and during the season, you’d try to position yourself to not be in one-on-ones against either of these two because you’d end up hating yourself as you’re beaten round the outside.

“The alternative was skating into them to slow them down and hope for the best.  Those two were very fast.”

Worst dress sense?

Ciaran Long

“I didn’t really want to throw anyone under the bus, but I’m going to have to go with ‘Longer’ for this.  He dresses to the nines all the time.  He always wearing fancy trainers, nicely polished ad a buttoned down tartan shirt and he always leaves the top button undone.

“It must be a Southern thing as it drives me nuts.  They’re his comfy clothes whereas I’m more a sweat pants, hoodie and flip flops kind of guy.  Coming to the locker room with jeans and a shirt at 8.30 in the morning isn’t on.”

Biggest moaner?

“In Belfast, the organisation are brilliant to you and give you everything you want so I couldn’t pick out a moaner so that was a tricky one.  I have a rant from time to time, but I’m more of a quiet moaner so I genuinely couldn’t single anybody out.”

Matt Pelech – likes a scrap according to Paul (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

Most likely to get in a fight?

Matt Pelech

“He doesn’t go looking for fights, but if we need a kick up the backside or anything, he’s the man to do it.  Bobby Farnham tends to go looking for a scrap, but no-one’s really taken him up on it.

“This was the easiest question by far.”

Most intelligent?

Bobby Farnham/Patrick Mullen

“Bobby graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island,  Patrick is a smart cat too and did his Masters in one year as well and is always had his head in the school books.”

Least intelligent?

Paul Swindlehurst/Ciaran Long

“There’s a lot of smart guys in there so I’d have to put myself in there as well as ‘Longer’ again.  If you put the two of us together, no-one can complain, can they?”

Who is the longest in the shower?

Matt Pelech

“Pelly loves a good shower, especially after a win in Belfast. You get the beers and you can take them into the shower and he can take a good amount of time in there.

“Brian Ward is one who likes an ice bath and he’ll jump straight in, up to his neck in freezing cold water for at least 15 minutes so he’s a bit mental for doing that.”

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