The Numbers Game: Storm vs Blaze

It feels like almost a whole week since Manchester Storm and Coventry Blaze met in the Elite Series and in a flash, here they are again, ready to jostle for points.

But what can we learn about these two as they prepare to go head to head for the third time in 12 days when coaches Finnerty and Stewart meet again?

You might find something interesting here, but it’s not an indicator so let us set the scene in some way:


Number of games Manchester Storm have played in during the Elite Series that has gone all the way to overtime


Number of games Ciaran Long and Scott Simmonds have scored in so far for Manchester Storm, out of six so far


Number of assists by Mike Hammond in the competition, the highest of any player so far


Shots on goal by Nicolai Bryhnisveen for Coventry Blaze, the highest by any defenceman in the competition so far.  The next highest defencemen are Manchester pair Dallas Ehrhardt and Andreas Klavestad with 15 each.


Save percentage of Coventry Blaze netminder Shane Owen, who has made five appearances so far.  Owen has also had 202 shots on him too.


Number of appearances by Ben Lake for Coventry Blaze in his two years there between 2017 and 2019, scoring 57 times and assisting 65 times for a total of 122 points.


Number of victories out of 29 competitive matches Danny Stewart has over Manchester Storm as head coach of Coventry Blaze since taking over from Chuck Weber in 2016.


Number of victories for Ryan Finnerty over Coventry Blaze since becoming coach of Manchester Storm in 23 competitive matches since summer of 2017.


Number of wins at ‘home’ Manchester Storm have over Coventry Blaze in their last six competitive meetings – the opening day Elite Series win where Storm won 3-2 in overtime.

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