Tweets of the Week: Danish lessons and standing sections

Glasgow Clan's Rasmus Bjerrum had to give an impromptu Danish lesson on Twitter (PHOTO: Panthers Images)

The dust is settling on another fun weekend of action in games up and down the country so let’s take a look at some of the tweets that caught our eye in the last few days

1.  Glasgow Clan’s Linden Springer looks for a lesson in Danish from his team-mate, Rasmus Bjerrum

2. The last thing any new linesman wants to do is to slip so we absolutely won’t mention it here anywhere…

3. Cardiff’s new standing section got a debut on Saturday when Coventry visited the Viola Arena

4. New standing section, same old Bownsy

5. With any luck, Ben will be there in colour too

6. Omar Pacha dismissed rumours of him taking part in The X Factor.  This GIF suggests his video was already done

7. We’ll just leave this here…

8. Look who’s back with the Steelers

9. Smile!!

10. We usually for five words to sum up a team’s weekend.  This photo does it for one

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