Tweets of the Week: Drummers and belts

Travis Fullerton was helping one Guildford fan bang his drum in Glasgow on Saturday (PHOTO: Al Goold)

We’ve scoured the world of Twitter and dug out the pick of the tweets from the world of UK ice hockey, so you don’t have to.  Here we go:

1. This guy made the long trip to Glasgow on Saturday and didn’t stop drumming by all accounts

2. He’s believed to have challenged The Undertaker for the next Wrestlemania

3. Cardiff Devils’ co-owner still believes

4. There’s nothing we enjoy more than a newbie experiencing ice hockey for the first time

5. We see what you did there

6. Us too

7. Harry, speaking on behalf of the city of Dundee. And rightly so.

8. The tweet of a team who are top of the league

9. It’s fair to say he’s a happy man here

10. We love Deano

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