Tweets of the Week: Four points and white knights

Coventry beat Cardiff on Sunday, but will meet them again on Saturday in the Welsh capital (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

It’s Monday morning so as the dust settles on another hectic weekend of action, we pick out the top ten tweets that tickled us over the last few days.

1. Belfast Giants enjoyed the Rugby World Cup on Sunday morning, at the expense of their Scottish players

2.  After four straight losses, you can’t really blame them, can you?

3.  They’re celebrating a four-point weekend in Dundee.  And you need The Office GIF to go with it of course

4.  Mystic Mathieu, anyone?

5. Paul twisting the question to suit his answer.  Why wouldn’t you, to be fair?

6. A mixed weekend for the Steelers and this fan is looking for one of their players 

7. When Milton Keynes Lightning needed a white knight to step up and take the mic, it seems one literally appeared

8. Always great to see people rediscovering the sport

9. Thanks for the warning.  Although John Dibble would have probably saved that N’Golo Kante goal

10. This week’s value for money award goes to…

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