Tweets of the Week: Hockey is fun

(PHOTO: Panthers Images)

As ever, we like to trawl Twitter and pick out the best of what’s being said around the leagues so we’ve done it again, with ten of the best we think stand out.

1. We begin with Glasgow Clan coach Zack Fitzgerald, seemingly having a good time right now:

2. It was quite a day for the Longstaff family on Sunday

3. And it rounded off a great week for the family, as highlighted by BBC’s ice hockey commentator Seth Bennett

4. You may have missed, but there was a great advert being played out in Scotland and it wasn’t Glasgow Clan vs Fife Flyers as Solway Sharks took on Murrayfield Racers in the NIHL North Cup

5. In Dundee, Stars coach Omar Pacha is looking forward to making a choice very soon

6. Four point weekends were very fashionable, but when you’re needing Will Ferrell to help celebrate it, you’re doing something right:


7. Cole Shudra played his part in a great weekend for Sheffield Steelers

8. Liam Kirk showing off some of his moves in the OHL with Peterborough Petes

9. Love these.  Great looking jerseys, guys

10. Cardiff are off to Sweden in the name of the CHL. Pob Iwc Caerdydd Devils!


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