Tweets of the Week: Hot ‘streaks’ and winning Cechs

Patrick Killeen didn't win man of the match this weekend...thankfully (PHOTO: Al Goold)

It’s time to take a look at how Twitter has reacted in the world of the British Ice Hockey in the last few days, but we start with an apology for the first tweet for any children that are reading:

1. Word reaches us they didn’t thankfully and Patrick Killeen promises to play poorly to stop this from ever happening *shudders*

2. You can always count on your old pal to lend support when performing a tricky task

3. New Guildford Phoenix goalie Petr Cech doing…what he does

4. Even Cech’s news reached the NHL

5. …but there’s just no excuse for Dad jokes like this *facepalms*

6. There’s no better way to commemorate your first ever win as a club with a fancy graphic

7. Keep an eye on a nervous looking man, who can be found in either in the Birmingham or Sheffield areas

8. Meanwhile, Dave is having a hard time in Nottingham

9. Taking the slight sweary out of it (sorry about that), we’re wondering if Mark ever got through to them

10. Sports teams in Peterborough certainly enjoy playing teams from Milton Keynes

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