Vote date set to unify ice hockey governance in the UK

The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) has been on a governance journey over the last two years, and this work has now brought us to a critical vote, which could change the shape of how ice hockey is governed in this country.

EIHA members are being asked to vote on the proposals developed by the joint EIHA & IHUK Governance Steering Group which will lead to the dissolution of governing bodies for ice hockey in the UK and the formation of a new organisation to govern the sport moving forwards.

The proposals have been developed following consultations and votes that have taken place across the EIHA since November 2017 through the EIHA Governance Work Group and subsequently from July 2019 the joint EIHA & IHUK Governance Steering Group.

The vote on Saturday 17th August is a significant vote as this is the final step in a near two year journey that has been shaped and moulded by members and stakeholders from across the sport to put ice hockey in the best possible position to succeed in the future.

The proposals follow the Code for Sports Governance and embed these in the new organisation and address translational arrangements to take us from the current structure to a new unified body overseeing the sport.

EIHA members are being asked to vote on nine resolutions to approve each of the steps we are required to undertake to move us to a new unified body and follow the recommendations put forward by the joint EIHA & IHUK Governance Steering Group.

Papers have been issued by the EIHA board to all affiliated clubs including the formal notice, voting information, the final report from the steering group and articles of association for the new UK governing body.

The board would welcome as many voting members as possible to attend the meeting in person.

You can download a copy of the full report from

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