5 Underrated NHL Stars To Look Out For In 2021/2022

We are around the halfway point in the 2021/2022 season, and we have seen some fantastic games and terrible outcomes. The familiar faces we know and love continue to play their best matches, but we don’t care about that today.

Right now, we want to look at the amazing players who no one seems to be talking about. They are ready to take the ice by storm, and yet the newspapers are focusing on the main stars as always.

It’s time to give these phenomenal players the love they deserve, and hey, this knowledge might even affect your understanding of the NHL betting odds.

1. Oliver Wahlstrom – The New York Islanders

Okay, so Wahlstrom might not seem like an underrated player, seeing as he was a first-round pick. However, being picked first doesn’t mean anything if you don’t perform well. 

Unfortunately for Wahlstrom, it took 3 seasons for him to finally push toward his full potential, but we are seeing the talent and skill come through now. Looking at his goals and points total might not seem impressive, but what we are witnessing is an escalation of power. 

If Wahlstrom has hit his stride, we can expect a bigger increase in goals for the New York Islanders and a powerful force in Wahlstrom’s skates.

2. Nicolas Roy – The Vegas Golden Knights

Having a player from the Golden Knights on this list shouldn’t be a shock. Vegas has always had the outstanding ability to find a diamond in the rough, and this season we think that break-out star will be Nicolas Roy. 

This season Roy has had more time on the ice than ever before, and he has openly talked about his increased role within the team. His goals are to improve his numbers in every offensive category available to him, and so far, he is succeeding. 

Again, like Wahlstrom, you could suggest that Roy isn’t a properly underrated player because he is often shown and praised for his high-quality maneuvers, but in reality, he still isn’t placed among the big players around him.

When it comes to skill and talent,  Roy has it all. He just needs the confidence and play-time to prove himself. 

3. Julien Gauthier – The New York Rangers

Gauthier is a classic example of an underrated NHL star. When you think about the best offensive players currently playing on the ice, he probably doesn’t come to mind. Instead, you might think of Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews. 

Don’t get us wrong, these players are amazing, but Gauthier should be in the running too! Looking at the numbers alone, Julien has a per-60-minute production rate which means he should be among the legendary elite. And yet very few people outside the New York Rangers’ benches know his name. 

In everyone’s defense, the New York Rangers don’t utilize this player as much as they could because, on average, they only let him play for 11 minutes a night.

Hopefully, this season will change those figures!

4. Trevor Moore – The Los Angeles Kings

Trevor Moore is a name that most of us already know, but this season he has been flying under the radar. Since he moved from the Toronto Maple Leafs and joined the Los Angeles Kings, we haven’t seen Moore make an outstanding play yet.

But when we look at the numbers, that concept isn’t true. Moore’s goals and underlying shots have improved in every aspect of his game. The only negative is his low shooting tally. This is due to his lowered shooting quality and his lowered time on the ice.

We all know that Moore is capable of …. more, but we have to give him time to adjust. 

We think that this season is where Trevor will bounce back and bring his goals back to a respectable figure.

5. Matt Roy – The Los Angeles Kings

Now to look at Los Angeles’ defense. Matt Roy is a silent wall to block the opposing players, and no one seems to be talking about it. He was once the most impactful playmaker for the blueline, but now he is considered a low-ranking defenseman.


This year that all changes, as his numbers are on the up! We expect Roy to be just as powerful as he once was.


There is so much talent in the NHL that we cannot expect to highlight everyone’s amazing skills, however these 5 outstanding players deserve more recognition for their hard work.

This season you can expect them to break out of their low ranking titles and show the world why they shouldn’t be ignored again.

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