6 Tips For An Awesome Hockey Experience

Hockey is a great sport to play and watch. It’s even better when you can watch your favourite team play in person. Whether you’re watching from the glass or from a seat way up high in the stands, there are so many ways you can have an awesome experience as a hockey fan. 

The question is, how do you find the best hockey experience? Many people watch games from their couch or the stands of a rink. Others even travel across continents to attend a big international-level hockey game. 

Read on to learn how you can spend a wonderful time at a hockey game.

1. Grab A Snack To Enjoy While Watching The Game

Watching a hockey game is often better with food. The best part is enjoying your snack while watching the game, cheering your team on, and chanting their name. It’s always a good idea to have various snacks if you want to share some with friends or family. 

There are varieties of snacks you can choose from, whether you’re buying or whipping up some at home. These snacks include French onion dip, steak with chili beer dip, and sausage balls, among others. For example, if you’re a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, you can buy food at the Amalie Arena and relish some of the best snacks.

2. Wear Your Team Colours To The NHL Or EHIL Game

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, wearing your team colours to the National Hockey League (NHL) or Elite Ice Hockey League (EHIL) games is the best way. There’s no better feeling than donning your team’s jersey and cheering for them along with fellow fans. You’ll feel a sense of belonging with friends or even colleagues who also support your favourite team.

You can take your experience to the next level by printing your name or your favourite player’s name on the jersey. Imagine that moment your favourite player scores the winning point. That feeling will be indescribable.

3. Watch A Game From The Glass

The glass is the best place to watch the game since you can see the action and feel like you’re right in front of it. What’s more, the glass is the perfect place to meet other fans and get autographs from your favourite players when they enter or exit the ice.

Moreover, it’s one of your best options if you want to treat yourself to some memorabilia that may not be available at some stores, like jerseys from past teams or special edition hats that aren’t sold anywhere else but there.

4. Attend The Game With Other Fans

One of the highlights of going to hockey games is catching up with friends or chatting with fellow fans before settling down to watch the game. Plus, it’s fun seeing what everyone wears as they arrive. When you’re together with other people cheering for their favourite teams, you get the chance to express unwavering support for yours, as well as share your enthusiasm with other fans who will appreciate it.

In addition, you can talk about the game with other fans during breaks or after scores are tallied up onscreen. You can also talk about how things could’ve been better if certain plays were made differently. Sharing your knowledge will not only help you learn more about the game but socialize with others as well. 

5. Chant Songs For Your Team As They Play

Chanting is a lovely way to show your team spirit, unite with fans, and get pumped up with the crowd. It’s part of what makes watching hockey games an experience to live for. You cheer for your team at the top of your lungs, express how you feel, and share your thoughts about the game or players. Don’t be afraid to express disappointment in your favourite team or player. No matter the outcome of the game, you’re there to have fun and root for your team.

6. Book Front Seats

When it comes to watching hockey, nothing beats sitting right in front of the ice. You’ll get to see the players up close, and you’re more likely to catch what coaches, players, or referees say. What’s more, you’ll be able to marvel at all the action from every angle.

If you’re looking for a place where your kids will have fun cheering for their favourite team, then getting seats in the first few rows is ideal. With front-row seats, your little ones can stand up from their seats anytime and jump around during exciting moments of the game.


Hockey is a thrilling sport, with many fans rooting for their favourite teams. It’s fun to witness people’s enthusiasm and their reactions to the game. You can follow these tips, so watching a hockey game at a stadium will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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