The book stops at the table of the coach, even in ice hockey

There is one thing prevalent in the football world. That is the fact that any coach in any football team could be sacked at any point in time.

It has been so prevalent in the past years that whenever a team stops recording the needed performances, the first place to look is at the coaching staff and most probably the head coach.

It has been so entrenched that one of the football coaches in England had to say that it is making the players lazy and rebellious.

This is because they all know that the penalty will never be on them, but rather on their coach.  So, it is a world where you either get your team to perform through any possible means or you are sacked.

This may sometimes pitch them against decisions of the board or other members of the management team. While they think they know what is good for the club, coaches will be the ones to pay if it turns out bad.

This has also gotten into the hockey area. When Neil Black posited about his plan to ensure that the Nottingham Panthers’ roster is in place before they get to the training camp, everybody understood what he is trying to do.

It is all about ensuring that effective preparations that will carry all the members of the team till the end of the season are done. Because of this, ice hockey odds would have favored the team to complete their signings and ensure that all the players are in the camp on the opening day.

However, this is not the case, as Corey Neilson, his head coach has said that he is still expecting a new signing. He will take his time to ensure that the best hand is gotten.

He wouldn’t go for any available and easy option in the bid to be in line with his boss’s wish to have everything in place before the practice session starts. He said that though the signing is expected to take place within the next 2 days, he is ready to let it get past Wednesday if that will guarantee getting the best. All realistic ice hockey betting tips will point to the fact that the latter is most likely going to be the case.

He said that while he has four names on the list of the possible signings, there are things he wants to happen before he makes the move. He said he is looking forward to something concrete happening on Wednesday. But if it does not, there would be no problem, as he will be ready to wait till whenever that happens.  He posited that the desire to have all the players in the camp is well noted by him, and that he has a list of 10 or 11 new players. He said that getting anybody that is available is not the ideal thing. He posited that for them to challenge in the competition, they need to do more. For him, the major considerations and what he wants are paramount, irrespective of whether that will take one more week to happen.

He said he wants the best fit, but also admitted that he is being pressured to conclude the deal and get the player. The delay he agreed is caused by him because he needs someone on the level the team needs.

He also went ahead to say that five of the new players they got have not arrived into the country due to visa issues. But works are underway to have them join the rest of the team soonest.

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