Change in the ranks for Glasgow Clan: Two new faces added to the staff

The 2020/21 season was definitely one of the most challenging years for the Glasgow Clan. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty spread all over the world, including in the EIHL. So when the 2020-21 season that was scheduled to be held in December was canceled, all the teams took a big hit. 

The uncertainty of the future seemed to hit Glasgow the most. As Rink’s owner, Intu Properties, took a hit and collapsed, the status of the Braehead Arena also looked uncertain. All of the challenges also created another issue where Glasgow Clan delayed announcing their head coach’s name. However, they did name Malcolm Cameron as their head coach later in July 2021. 

Since then, the team has mainly been on a positive role. Slowly but surely, Glasgow Clan is building up their team again. They have made their announcement that they will play in the 54 regular-season games. 

In order to enhance their chances, the Clan has also announced hiring two new faces in their staff as the new Marketing Executive and the new Equipment Manager.

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The Clan’s New Marketing Executive

The Glasgow Clan has announced Rebecca McCall as their new marketing executive. For eight years, she has been a fan of the clan and worked with them as a promo team member for Glasgow for two years. This means that she has previous experience and knows how to manage the position. Rebecca expressed that she is excited to work with the Clan and enjoy Ice Hockey at the same time. She has a Master’s degree that can be utilized in the position. 

Now that she is in the post, her main aim is to uplift the socials by creating new and different content. The content is intended to appease the existing loyal fanbase of the Glasgow Clan and, at the same time, appeal to a broader demographic outside the box. She has been with the team as a volunteer and a fan throughout the last eight seasons. 

Rebecca studied at the University of Stirling and has been with the Glasgow Clan throughout her varsity years. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s degree in Sports Marketing from the institution. She has been coming up with new ideas already for their current season. 

The Clan’s New Equipment Manager

Another new addition to the Glasgow Clan is Jamie Douglas, who will function as the Equipment Manager. He worked with the Newcastle Vipers between 2007 and 2009. His most recent work was with  Whitley Warriors of the National Ice Hockey League. He also worked with Newcastle Eagles, which is a British Basketball Club. The long-term experience of Jamie will undoubtedly be highly beneficial to the clan. 

When he was in New Castle, Jamie had worked with Glasgow Clan’s Chief Operating Officer, Gareth Chalmers. Due to that reason, they have a good understanding between them. So when he was offered the job, he didn’t think twice about taking the responsibility. 

Jamie Douglas is nicknamed the “Big Red” by his friends and colleagues, and  Gareth Chalmers is one. Gareth has known Jamie for many years and is confident in how responsible he is in his work. Based on the position Jamie will be working on, it can be said that a large proportion of his work requires interaction with the players, and Gareth also believes that Janie is the perfect person for that role.  

Future Matches 

Glasow Clan hit some of the hardest rock bottoms in their entire history due to the pandemic. Thankfully the fans were always there and supported them all the way. Even though they want to quickly bring back the boys on ice, the Clan has withdrawn from the Challenge Cup. 

In an official announcement, they have declared that the main focus point of Glasgow will be on the league and playoffs of the upcoming events of the 54 Elite Ice Hockey League. The matches of the event will start from Saturday 6th November. 


After all, that transpired within the Pandemic; the Glasgow Clan still hasn’t recovered completely. But they are rebuilding slowly and taking it steadily. Hiring the new staff is evidence of that. Hopefully, with the support of the fans, OSC, volunteers, and sponsors, they will be back again. 

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