GB vs Russia: Your reaction

GB suffered a 7-1 loss to Russia, but it wasn't all bad news going by your reaction (PHOTO: Dean Woolley)

It was a tough start for Great Britain’s men in the World Championships, but some positives to take, despite a 7-1 loss to Russia in Saturday’s opening game.

We wanted to know what you made of the action from Riga after game one and you were fantastic in your replies.

Thank you to everyone who responded.

Pauline Wardle believed GB improved after an early wobble and has faith the guys will find their feet as the tournament progresses.

“Excellent start,” she said on Twitter. “Expected a double figure score but Whistle was immense. With exception of that bad 5 minutes in the first I think we played very well. 

“As Liam (Kirk) says it’s our first game, there’s been no warm ups so we can only get better. Very proud of all the boys.”

Robert Dowd provided the assist for Liam Kirk’s goal (PHOTO: Dean Woolley)

Steve Johnston on Facebook said: “The boys can hold their heads high. That was a decent opening game against arguably the competition favourites. 

“Liam’s first gb goal. Hooky looked fantastic. Whistle was immense. Go GB Ps… a few dodgy calls didn’t help.”

Craig Henderson put the loss down to another factor: “This was always going to be a trouncing, Russia have had a full season to prepare and were already of a higher quality, team GB didn’t really have much. 

“To be honest I feel hockey as been majorly let down in the UK through the pandemic in comparison to some other sports.”

Kath Cordy commented: “Unlucky not to score again. Heads held high after playing the top. Well done.”

However, Paul Fenton wasn’t impressed. “A c**p score line they should have done better with the squad they got.”  

You can’t please everyone I suppose.

Back on Twitter and Shelley P thinks there was somebody missing: “Odd not having Farmer there chirping,” she said.

GB are back at it against Slovakia in the morning (PHOTO: Dean Woolley)

One fan, icehockeyart, thinks they have a solution to the penalties issue: “More body checks to avoid penalties, as the referees are very picky about stickwork.”

Chris Payne was pleased with two players in particular, commenting: “New guys especially Tets played well and didn’t look out of place.”

While Mark added: “Have to say Clem and Kirk were my two picks of the game. Whistle had a cracker too mind.”

On Facebook, Linda Hancy picked out a couple of her favourites: “I expected worse if I’m honest! Russia are a really really great team. 

“I thought we played well. A few questionable calls. Whistle played very well as did Tertlow. Should be proud of themselves.”

Robert Dowson said: “That’s not a heavy score. Certainly against the Russians.”

And finally, Ratislav Valent is looking ahead to tomorrow’s game with Slovakia and may or may not have had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he posted: “Tomorrow’s match.  GB 2 Slovakia 9.”

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