Haywood: It’s like a second wedding..and I’m the bride

Matt Haywood is the only player to have been with the club since it began in 2010 (PHOTO: Scott Wiggins)

Glasgow Clan captain Matt Haywood has likened the organisation of his testimonial “like a wedding” where he’s playing a different role.

The 29-year-old will mark ten years with the club on Tuesday in a special game where former players of the Glasgow club will come up against the current roster in what promises to be a fun-filled night for fans.

But Matt was quick to make sure his wife, Jenny, received the credit for the work she’s done behind the scenes as the event takes place at Braehead Arena on Tuesday.

“It’s scary that it’s finally upon us and we’ve had people working, what feels like, 24/7 to tie up loose ends in making sure everything goes well,” he said.

“It’s been like planning a second wedding, where I’m the bride and my wife, Jenny has probably done twice as much for this as she did for our own wedding.

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“Jenny’s took on all the stress and she’s very much run the ship and I couldn’t have done it without her.  She’s organised everything really well this is s all down to her.”

Former coaches Jordan Krestanovich and Ryan Finnerty as well as other Clan heroes such as Chris Frank, Matt Keith and Stefan Meyer are back in Scotland and ready to lace them up once again for their old pal.

In a twist, current coach Zack Fitzgerald will play for the All-Stars team AGAINST his current team with two periods of play and a skills challenge period part of the format.

But Matt is humbled that so many guys he shared a locker room have put their lives aside to return to Glasgow and help mark his milestone, but admits, that despite wanting to bring more over, he had to draw the line somewhere.

He added: “It’s extremely humbling the guys that have come over to be part of this night.  I can’t thank them enough and the fact they’ve managed to arrange their schedules and lives to come and take part, it’s been done really easily.

A young Haywood makes his home debut for the Clan in 2010 and is the last man standing from Bruce Richardson’s team in that season (PHOTO: Al Goold)

“With it being on a Tuesday, a lot of people have taken time off work to be involved and I’m forever grateful for that.

“Of course, there are players who couldn’t make it, like Ben Davies and Pete Russell, who are involved with the GB team this week of course.

“But there are so many guys I would loved to have brought over from North America, but like a wedding, I had to draw the line somewhere and I couldn’t have everybody.

“I picked people who have played a part in my career and influenced me as a player going through the years and it wasn’t easy to let people down.

“As for the night itself, I might have a couple of moments where I’ll feel emotional, but, as I’ve said from day one, for me, this is a celebration of the Clan rather than myself and I’m sure the fans and everyone involved will have a good night.”

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