Tweets of the Week: Carpets, national anthems and record breakers

(PHOTO: Tony Sargent)

It’s been another funny old week in the British world of ice hockey so let’s get a feel of how social media viewed what’s been going on.

1. It was a big win for MK Lightning as they beat Raiders on Sunday and celebrations were wild among Lewis Clifford’s players

2. We can’t add anything more to this, other than congratulations, Joey Martin!

3. We’ve all been this little guy at one stage

4. A good weekend for the Sheffield Steeler man and Steve thinks he knows why

5. Daryl gives some perspective on some of the more demanding fans (and adds a wee sweary word too)

6. Nope.  No idea at all.  Anyone? *shrugs*

7. Well done Robert Lachowicz on a great night last week

8. Well done, Belfast Giants fans.  “The world” might be slightly stretching it though…

9. Peterborough Phantoms’ GIF game is solid and if there’s another wrestling themed GIF out there, we haven’t seen it

10. Please be upstanding for the (Scottish) national anthem (contains dodgy singing)

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