How to bet on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a fast and entertaining sport and with leagues hosted around the world, with the most popular being the NHL in the US and Canada, it is popular in several different countries.

Although it may not be as popular as sports such as Football and Basketball, Ice Hockey is still one of the most favoured sports to bet on and as such, several online bookmakers take bets on Ice Hockey and some even allow customers to watch live games directly via their websites and apps.

Ice Hockey Betting Markets

The majority of bets placed on Ice Hockey are on the winner of individual games. However, there are several other markets available to bet on.

Outright Winner

You can bet on the outright winner of specific leagues and competitions taking place around the world with most bookies. These can make good long-term bets that keep you entertained throughout the season and can make the playoffs even more exciting should your team feature in them.

Match Result

As mentioned, the majority of bets on Ice Hockey are on the Match Result. This is when you back a team to win in any given match.

Correct Score

Betting on the correct score is another popular market but one that is often hard to predict. However, as it’s harder to guess the score than it is the winner, you are generally offered much greater odds which makes these bets more appealing to some.

Over/Under Goals

Another market that is related to the score is Over/Under Goals where you are predicting more or less than a certain number to be scored. For example, if you think there will be 5 or fewer goals scored, you could bet on Under 5.5 Goals. If you think there will be 6 or more goals, you could be on Over 5.5 Goals.


Handicap betting is slightly more advanced but relatively simple once you understand how it works. A handicap is given to the underdog and you are betting on the team you think will score more with the handicap applied. For example, if you were betting on the Boston Bruins -1.5, they would have to win by 2 or more goals for your bet to win. If you were betting on the Toronto Maple Leafs +1.5, they would have win, draw or lose by no more than one goal for your bet to win.

Watching Ice Hockey Online

Ice Hockey is available to watch from around the world but covered less in the UK and outside of the US and Canada and when it is available, costly television subscriptions are often required.

However, some bookmakers allow customers to stream Ice Hockey games directly via their accounts and they’re available to watch on PCs, smartphones and tablets. More often than not, the bookies do not charge customers to access the streams and you don’t even need to place a bet on the game in order to watch it. However, if you do wish to bet, you’re able to do so in the same window that you’re watching the game in which makes it extremely convenient.

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