NIHL Spring Cup Fixtures announced

The Spring Cup begins this weekend

The EIHA and NIHL National Division clubs have announced the full list of fixtures for the NIHL Spring Cup, which begins this weekend.

The competition is due to last until the end of March with five clubs from the NIHL National League all taking part and each will play 12 games over the space over the next seven weekends.

Sheffield Steeldogs and Swindon Wildcats will begin the competition with a double header, a game each at home, before the others, Telford Tigers, Raiders and Bees all join in and take part.

Both teams competing this weekend have announced their rosters, with the others scheduled to do the same in the coming days as fans get ready to enjoy ice hockey after an 11 month absence, barring the three weekends in November when the NIHL ran their successful Streaming Series.

Games are being played behind closed doors but will all be able to watch on live stream, following the successful pilot of the platform from the games that took place in November.

Sheffield Steeldogs and Swindon Wildcats meet again in the Spring Cup after they faced each other in November’s Streaming Series (PHOTO: Dean Woolley)


Week 1

Sat Feb-13 Swindon v Sheffield 18:30

Sun Feb-14 Sheffield v Swindon 17:00

Week 2

Sat Feb-20 Swindon v Bees 15:00

Sat Feb-20 Telford v Raiders 18:30

Sun Feb-21 Bees v Swindon 14:00

Sun Feb-21 Raiders v Telford 17:00

Week 3

Sat Feb-27 Telford v Bees 15:00

Sat Feb-27 Sheffield v Raiders 18:30

Sun Feb-28 Bees v Telford 14:00

Sun Feb-28 Raiders v Sheffield 17:00

Week 4

TBC Raiders v Bees (midweek)

Sat Mar-06 Swindon v Telford 15:00

Sat Mar-06 Sheffield v Bees 18:30

Sun Mar-07 Telford v Swindon 14:00

Sun Mar-07 Bees v Sheffield 17:00

Telford Tigers are back in action after almost a year in abeyance (PHOTO: Steve Brodie)

Week 5

TBC Bees v Raiders (midweek)

Sat Mar-13 Telford v Sheffield 15:00

Sat Mar-13 Swindon v Raiders 18:30

Sun Mar-14 Raiders v Swindon 15:00

Sun Mar-14 Sheffield v Telford 17:00

Week 6

Fri Mar-19 Swindon v Telford 19:30

Sat Mar-20 Raiders v Swindon 16:00

Sat Mar-20 Bees v Sheffield 18:30

Sun Mar-21 Telford v Bees 14:00

Sun Mar-21 Sheffield v Raiders 17:00

Week 7

Wed Mar-24 Telford v Sheffield 19:30

Sat Mar-27 Swindon v Bees 15:00

Sat Mar-27 Raiders v Telford 18:00

Sun Mar-28 Bees v Raiders 14:00

Sun Mar-28 Sheffield v Swindon 17:00

All NIHL Spring Cup games will be shown online, details and tickets can be found on each club website and social media.  The NIHL Twitter account is @NIHLhockey and will have regular updates throughout the tournament, while full fixtures, results and stats will be on the website

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