Oxford City Stars gets new coach, promises an exciting new season

Oxford City Stars are revved up for the upcoming 2017/18 NIHL South season.

Aside from their usual preparations for the new campaign, it has been confirmed that Kenny Redmond has been appointed as the club’s new head coach.

The announcement was met with positively, with Redmond boasting experience on both the international and domestic ice hockey circuit.

Redmond will oversee the operations and management of the team, and will have a say on the game strategies for next season, management of players and future recruitment plans.

He will serve in the management, working with Head of Hockey Operations Darryl Morvan to ensure that player management is in line with the club’s organisational principles, and talent acquisition will be a foremost requirement.

From rival to coach and partner

Redmond has worked with a number of teams before landing the job at Oxford. He was head coach at Bracknell Hornets before agreeing to take over at Chelmsford Chieftains.

When the NIHL Conference system failed Redmond quit the club, but the waiting game was short-lived as Oxford decided to secure the services of the coach in time for the next season.

When asked about his appointment Redmond shared his satisfaction and happiness, and gave the team and the general public a view of his plans and strategies for the team.

In an interview he shared that he wants to build a competitive team, and wants to create a great working relationship with the management team.

He also acknowledged the organisation, the team and the Stars’ supporters. Redmond cited the great team structure, its impressive history and its passionate and supportive fan base.

The move of Redmond to the team is also significant, as it proves to be a reunion of sorts for him and Morvan, who were a team before. Morvan shared that Redmond may be available to work in a position, he immediately contacted the coach, and the rest is history.

Expect an exciting new season and better odds for the team

By bringing his domestic and international ice hockey experience and previous working relationship with Morvan, fans, supporters and even sports bettors can expect a renewed and electrified Oxford team.

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Great games ahead and effective collaboration

The entry of Redmond was welcomed most positively by the management team led by Morvan. He has already worked with Redmond in the past and this new engagement is just a continuation of their productive working relationship.

In a statement, Morvan shared his satisfaction with the appointment of Redmond and cited their long experience of collaboration, especially in NIHL South. Morvan was also quick to add that Redmond is known to set a high standard not just for his team, but for himself.

This commitment to quality of play and teamwork will definitely reflect on the team, as the Stars face the new season with renewed enthusiasm.

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