Pacha steps up to aid Stars’ play-off push

(PHOTO: Derek Black)

Dundee Stars coach Omar Pacha admits his returning to playing was a tiring one, but was glad to help the team end a run of losses.

Stars’ 4-1 win over Fife Flyers on Sunday was their first in six games to keep them above the play-off line.

And Pacha revealed they attempted to bring in players to ease the burden, but in the end, it fell to him to put the skates on one again.

“I made the decision (to come back) when Mike Sullivan took the puck to the face at Glasgow and it was made pretty quickly,” he said.

“We had looked to try and bring someone in with some big games coming up, but nothing came through so the choice came for me to come in and help the defensive lines.

“For the first game of possibly three or four, it was a good one for me to come into. I don’t know about being a lucky charm, but I just wanted to help them to give them a break.

“The body wasn’t great on Monday morning.  Obviously the fatigue kicked in, but we were just happy with the win on Sunday and it was a huge two points.”

Pacha made his first appearance of the season on the ice in Sunday’s 4-1 win over Fife Flyers (PHOTO: Derek Black)

Next up for Dundee is a trip to Pacha’s old haunt, Manchester Storm, which could be another key chapter in the race for the top eight.

The Stars coach knows it’s a tough task for his men, but thinks Sunday’s win over the Flyers could be a turning point for his team.

He added: “The win on Sunday came at a great time and four point swings are everywhere in the league right now, especially when you play a team around every game it seems.

“All we can do is focus on ourselves and it would be huge to follow it up with a win in Manchester on Wednesday.

“They’re a threat at home and have lost a few on the bounce.  It’s always a hard building to go to, but we have to build our momentum and get the points against another rival.

“Everyone else seems to be picking up points around each other.  We had been doing well until we went on that losing streak.

“Hopefully we’re over that now and we can stay over 500 to get the job done that will take us on to the play-offs.”

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